Dear Jon

So here it is, right in front of you, in black and white. In a poetic form.


1. Dear Jon

I have so much to say to you Jon,
But I guess here will have to do.
I already feel like you're gone,
What must I have to go through. 


You might be over a 100 miles away,
But I feel like you're even further,
What am I supposed to say? 
Did I stray? For you should I pray? 
Because I am not one to betray. 
I will be here, I will stay. 
But for you, I cannot say. 


How many times have I imagined it?
Finally being with you. 
But over the year I've taken the hit, 
Are you sure you can commit? 
Because I am not one to quit. 


So here it is Jon, right in front of you,
You have my life line in your hands,
Should I just cut it through, 
Cause you're falling from my hands, 
Falling like sands.

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