Phan drabbles

A couple of small Phan drabbles. Or blurbs? Whatever they're called here. Rather innocent but they are lovers, after all. Or so they are in these drabbles.


2. Mario Kart

“Daan-” Phil whined out into the room, his eyes still fixed on the screen, where Mario Kart was shown; himself in last place. “Come on, give me a chance!”

“No!” Dan laughed. He never did ‘give one a chance’. He was playing to win, and he was going to win. “It’s not my fault you’re not a natural.” He teased, knowing that Phil’s face would by now be one big pout. –And it was.

“But Dan-”

“No! Stop distracting me!” the brunette demanded, as he drove over the finished line. “TAKE THAT!” He half yelled when the ‘YOU WIN’ showed up on his half of the screen.

“That’s no fair!” Phil pouted. He knew very well that Dan couldn’t keep the mask if he looked at him this very moment, and therefore it did not surprise him to see his lover pull the hood of his shirt, up over his head.

“Okay, let’s have a rematch, yeah?” Dan offered, as he clicked some buttons on the controller to open another one of the racetracks. “Maybe you can win this time?” he said with a smile, saying that he was planning on washing the floor with his lover, or so to speak.

“Okay fine! But first-” Phil said, his head turned towards Dan, leading a hand to his chin, pulling his face towards himself.

“Phil-” Dan exclaimed, as he almost started a random track from surprise.

“No.” Phil only said before he closed the gap between them and pressed his lips to Dan’s.

Das was surprised, but it didn’t take long before he pulled himself together and kissed back. He was still confused though; never had he tried this passionate kiss with Phil before, and especially not with Phil just going for it. It was usually always Dan himself, who kissed Phil, when it was like this, but yet now that their lips moved together; it was quite hard to being to think straight.

Phil would have been ashamed of himself, if he’d begun thinking about what he was doing, but think was the last thing he was doing in this situation. He didn’t even think when Dan’s hand landed on his knee, and slowly moved a little up north on his leg. He just felt, and it really did feel amazing.

It wasn’t long, Dan’s hand had found rest on Phil’s tight, before he moved it up, and place it on the side of Phil’s neck, to pull him slightly closer; hardly noticing the controller slide out of his lap as he did so.

That was the moment Phil did something he’d never expected himself to do in this situation. He laughed. Well not exactly laughed, more like giggled? Into the kiss, as he’d heard Dan’s controller land and he then pushed his own on the floor, with his free hand.

A half muffled yelp, sounded in Dan’s throat, when he felt Phil’s, until now, free hand landing on his chest and pushed him down; sure to follow suit, so that he landed half on top of Dan. “Phil! I thought we-” Dan began when he finally let go of Phil’s lips, to breathe.

“Oh, shut up!” Phil demanded, and pressed yet another, less passionate kiss to his lover’s lips.

“Okay, but could I at least get my leg’s up on the sofa?” Dan asked, still out of breath, from that first kiss.

“Oh! Yeah. Sorry!” Phil said, feeling slightly awkward and moved, so that Dan could do whatever he wanted to, with his legs.

Dan had only just got his legs up on each side of Phil, before he reached a hand up and wrapped it around his lover’s neck, and pulled him down for a another kiss; lifting himself up on his free arm’s shoulder, to meet Phil on the way; falling back down on the sofa, along with Phil, when their lips had meet, yet another time. 

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