Phan drabbles

A couple of small Phan drabbles. Or blurbs? Whatever they're called here. Rather innocent but they are lovers, after all. Or so they are in these drabbles.


1. First kiss

”Hey Phil?” Dan asked through the door to his best friend’s room, when he’d put their Justin Bieber mask on the closet door, in just the right place. “Come help me for a moment? –Careful, I’m behind the door!” he added, and moved to actually stand behind the door.

“Just a second!” Phil called from inside the room.

A few seconds went by, before Dan saw the door handle begin to move, the door going carefully, to not hit him in the face, when then- “AAAAAAAARGH!” Phil’s scream sounded through the hall, and Dan broke into a hysterical laughter.

With the laughter ripping through him, Dan moved back around the door, to face his best friend. “Sorry, Sorry! You’re just so easy!” He apologized half heartedly through the laughter.

“Oh my god! I hate you!” Phil said with a pout; holding a hand to his heart, as he tried to steady his breath.

“I hope not.” Dan said, as his laughter began to still from the comment.

“You’re going to pay for this!” Phil attempted to fake an angry mine, but being who he is, he obviously fail in that particular attempt; as he saw Dan’s face turn into a smirk that kinda reminded him of the younger guy’s video “inappropriate winking”.

“Is that so?” Dan questioned and took a step closer, slightly confusing Phil. “Like this?” he asked, as he grabbed his friend’s face with both of his hands and pressed his lips lightly against Phil’s.

It wasn’t a particularly long kiss, yet Phil felt something spinning in his whole body, that short second they were connected. His mouth was slightly hanging when Dan had pulled away. He hadn’t expected this, but it wasn’t like it disgusted him. Far from.

“Yes. Just-” Phil began as he put a hand to the back of Dan’s head, knowing that touching his neck, would only make the younger of them freak out, and never attempt this again. “like that.” He finished and moved back in, to feel that spinning in his body again.

Dan had never felt anything like this. First it had only been an experiment, to figure out if it was only friendship, he felt towards his fellow youtuber; but when their lips had connected, it just felt so right. Just right. And Phil just kissing him again, not being disgusted, just gave the special feeling a push further.

When they’d pulled apart again, they looked into each other’s faces for a few moments, before any of them opened their mouth again. “Wow.” Phil said. He didn’t even know how else to put it.

“Yeah- Wow.” Dan agreed, but then he remembered himself and grinned. “Way better than your mum!”

“Shut up!” Phil giggled, and hit Dan lightly on the arm, like he always would have, when the guy came with a ‘your mum’ joke; then kissed the brunette a third time, to really shut him up.

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