Flash Fiction entries

My entries for the flash fiction competition.


5. Magic


What does it mean?

Many things, I suppose.

A thing from children's stories, from fairytales. A mystical power of unknown origin. Magic is a legend, known to us all, although younger minds are more susceptible to its charms. Imagination has moulded magic into a thing of beauty, a thing of danger.

But it's not real, is it? They are just stories. A myth, created by a fear of the unknown. An illusion people gifted with the power of creation - authors, artists, that calibre of person - exploit to give us wondrous tales of wizardry, sorcery; Magic.

That is what we have been led to believe. Throughout history, when the belief of magic was strong, there have been witch hunts and trials. Many innocent people were murdered. But as we started developing, growing into what would become a great world, technology and science overtook superstition and tradition. That belief faded over time, until it was all but wiped out. The 21st Century heralded a new age for everything.

However, the truth is sometimes unbelievable.

Not all those accused of witchcraft were innocent. Science cannot explain everything. Magic is alive inside everyone, although only a few can tap into that vast network of power.

Yes, it is real. That power from the stories. Those who wield it. It's all real. However, that doesn't mean every story is true. The facts about this mysterious influence have been lost.

There are still those with the ability to draw on the power. They have many names, drawn from the stories of the past, from different cultures, eras; too many to count. They are ordinary people, not as fairytales would have us believe, dressed in a black cloak and hat, riding a broom. Ordinary, at least, on the outside.

Their numbers have dwindled, a dying race, hiding from the eyes of society for fear of misunderstanding, of being treated like a freak, a science experiment. The fear that drives us all, I suppose. That human need to be accepted.

Sorcerers are not the only magical beings. The creatures of darkness that roam the land at night are real. We call them daemons. Be frightened, my friend, for these are not the fairies of the tales from long ago. They are dark, dangerous beasts, but Magic cannot be split as sharply as black and white. The extreme end of Dark magic is a thing of tremendous power, but unstable, deadly. The edge of Pure magic is just as extreme - it turns mortals into celestial beings if they hold enough power. Most witches are somewhere in the middle, many helping rid the world of daemons like magical Angels of Mercy.

Now you know the truth. Use it wisely. There are many out there who wouldn't think twice about killing to gain knowledge of this secret world of power. In this day and age, this thirst for knowledge is even more pronounced. Beware the responsibility and danger that comes with this information.

You have been warned...

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