Flash Fiction entries

My entries for the flash fiction competition.


4. Into the Darkness

I stood at the edge of infinity, and stared at the darkness beyond. I turned my head and smiled at the silhouette of the boy next to me. He held out his hand.

"Come with me," he whispered, "Deep into the land of dreams."

As I put my hand into big one, I held his gaze. His eyes, golden and mysterious, gazed into mine, as we stepped, together, into nothingness.

We soared together, as one. All I could feel was his hand grasping mine. We danced, held in the darkness, for there was no light, the black a fringe around us. You could hear the magic enveloping us, his face the only thing I could see.

All of a sudden, he stopped, alert, and looked around. I strained my senses, until, finally, I heard what he had heard: the clattering of hooves. That could only mean one thing. They had found us. Their horses were legendary beasts in this world, swifter and more terrifying than the world I had left behind. The noise got louder, moving swiftly towards us. I shivered. Though there was neither day nor night in this rugged world, the air itself felt dark, mysterious and frightening.

Suddenly, the black swirled around us, bringing back memories like snowstorms from my past. I shook my head to clear it. Better to let the past go. The air cleared  and I looked around for my companion. He was nowhere to be seen. My mind spun with the thought of losing him. I couldn't, not now.

A glimmer caught my eye. I rushed towards it. He was lying there under a tent of glittering light. The eyes that had once sparkled with light were closed. I entwined my fingers with his, desperate to hold onto him. The noises from before had faded into a crushing silence. Our pursuers, along with their scent of power and domination, had disappeared. His skin was cold and clammy, though his chest rose and fell, calming my thudding heart.

He stirred, eyes blinking rapidly. I breathed a sigh of relief. His grasp on my hand was strong as he got to his feet. His eyes were wild, drawing me in, stopping my heart. I felt my free will leave my body as I gave in, a willing adventurer. The feeling was addictive, leaving me light-headed, but full of adrenalin. I smiled, a real smile, full of joy, as my face looked up at his. He moved closer, until his breath tickled my skin, warm and full of promises to be made. His lips found mine.

As his skin touched mine, I felt a rush, a burst of light, true happiness and excitement. There was a hint of something else, a fleeting sadness, but that was gone in an instant. We were one, perfect, the feeling indescribable. We spun, him and me, higher, higher, as the years flew by. Memories, glimpses of the past flowing around us. I was finally free from the constrictions of life.

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