Torn apart

a young teenage girl who had went to hell and back for years and her life on repeat


2. healed but never forgot

The night of may 2015 it was 2:00 she was found in the bath room slowly dying. Her mom yelled for her dad her dad rushed up stairs to the bathroom. Her mom yelled call "911" a few moments later the ambulance came picked the girl up and put her onto the gurney. Six hours later she woke up to her mom crying and her dad pacing around the room bandages around her arms and legs a bag flowing blood into her arm. She didn't remember how she got here. She looked at her mom, her moms head was down on her lap crying asking god why? what did i do wrong? and the girl replies " it wasnt you mom." Her mom picks her head up her dad stops. No one says anything they just hugged for 5 minutes. the little girl dies in her parents arms.
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