Torn apart

a young teenage girl who had went to hell and back for years and her life on repeat


1. Depression

It's a blackened gloomy sight with no sounds but her thoughts, thoughts that never end, thoughts that are telling her to disappear that no body will care. She sits on her bed rocking her self side to side whispering to herself "stop! stop!" But the voices in her head aren't stopping they just never stop. They repeat their self's over and over until she finally give's up and just give's in to their negativity. She stops crying, the voices go away but not until long they come back again so she just freezes, a second later she gets up. Walks into the bathroom turns around locks the door, and put's her favorite song on repeat. She starts her bath with steamy bubbly water. She just stands in the mirror staring at her self, the voices come back telling her she's ugly worthless not worthy to live in this world. She starts crying, she slowly turns to the bath tub again stops the water and gets in she lays there crying to herself asking herself why me? why do i look the way i do? why cant i be pretty? why cant i have friends? why cant i be skinny? She starts to cry more, tears rushing down her boney tan cheeks. She grabs her razor as if she was going to shave her legs. No she starts cutting her skin as it slowly takes her mind and pain off of her life blood starts dripping into the water. The bubbles are to longer white there red.
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