She was sick, but she was also strong. I have played superheroes in movies but its just acting. She is a real superhero. I never thought meeting her would change so many things. Maddy changed my life


3. suprise!

I was shocked and excited, the man was Chris Evans! Maddy this is Chris he came to visit you. Nurse Lilly left the room and Chris walked over to me. So I heard it's your birthday, how old are you? I smile and hold up 5 fingers. 5?! Wow you're a big girl! My smile gets even bigger and I start to laugh. So what are ya watching? I hand him the movie case and he looks at it. Captain America the Winter Solider. Do you like it? I nod my head up and down. Who's your favorite superhero? I point to him. Captain America. I nod my head again. Well I have a surprise for you. He pulls something out of his bag and handed it to me. It was his shield! I brought it so you could play with it. I jump off the bed and give Chris a BIG hug. He picks me up. We are going to make this the best birthday you've ever had! Just then nurse Lilly walked in with a cake and starts singing happy birthday. After they finish singing I blow out the candles. As nurse Lilly takes so pictures Chris hands me a present. I open it and it's a box full of captain America toys all autographed by him. I hug him and nurse lilly takes a picture.

*a couple hours later*

Ok Maddy it's getting late and It's time for you to go to bed. Chris gives me a hug and says happy birthday to me. I grab my notebook and write something down and hand it to him. "Will you come back?" Of course I will Maddy. I smile and we say goodbye. When he's gone I go to bed.

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