She was sick, but she was also strong. I have played superheroes in movies but its just acting. She is a real superhero. I never thought meeting her would change so many things. Maddy changed my life


4. hero

Chris's P.O.V

I was sitting with the others on the set of AOU and telling them about Maddy. Scarlet spoke first. Thats so sad. Yeah she having surgery on Thursday, she's getting half of her brain removed. Wow that's pretty big for a 5 year old. Yeah I'm going to visit her again on Thursday. Jeremy spoke next. You know it's kind of sad how people say that we are heroes when they don't even know what kids like Maddy are going through. Yeah she told me I was her hero but she's the real hero. She's so strong and she's fighting this at only 5 years old. It would be better to say that she's my hero. Now Chris H. Starts talking. Yeah I think it's safe to say that she's a hero to all of us.

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