Whoever Knew? (Our Second Life)

Taylor moves to California to live with her brother JC. She meets the O2L boys and feels very welcomed. One boy walked in, Trevor Moran, and steals her heart. They fall in love with each other but they don't know that the other likes them. How will their relationship turn out?


1. Chapter 1: No Questions Asked

Tay's POV:

I cowered in the corner begging my father to not hit me again. He pulled his fist back getting ready to punch me, I then kicked him in the stomach making him fall to the floor. I stood up, "That's it dad! I have had enough of your crap! I'm leaving!" He looked up at me and growled. "You don't even have a plan! Where in hell are you going to go?" I rolled my eyes. "Actually dad, I have been planning this for a long time! I am moving in with..." Ok wait a second, before we continue this story, let me introduce myself. My name is Taylor Caylen. Ok, now I know what your thinking, "OMG! You have Jc Caylen's last name!" Yeah, well that's because I am Jc's half sister! Again, I know, if I am his half sister, then I should have my fathers last name. But from what you have read so far, I obviously don't have a very good relationship with him. So I decided to take my moms last name. I am 14 years old, my mom and dad split up when I was 3. My mom took Jc, and my dad took me. I have kept in touch with both my mom and brother all this time, but I haven't seen them. Anyways, lets get back to the story. "I am moving in with Jc and his friends in California!" My dad stared me down. "You wouldn't DARE leave me..." I smirked. "Watch me!" I stormed off to my room and slammed the door shut. I went over to my desk and opened the top drawer. I dug down to the bottom and quickly found my one way plane ticket to anywhere. I knew that it would come in handy someday. I stuffed it in my back pocket and I went over to my closet. I pulled out my two big suit cases and my small bag. I packed everything I owned including all of my clothes and personal items. I filled up both suit cases. I then put food, headphones, my phone charger, and one of my sweat shirts into the bag. I then waited for my dad to go to his room and take his afternoon nap. While I was waiting I walked over to the mirror in my room. I slowly lifted up my shirt to reveal the bruises on my stomach. I sighed and put my shirt back down. Finally at 1:00 pm I heard my dad go into his room and get into bed. I quickly grabbed all of my bags and I dragged them out to the living room. I wrote my dad a note and walked out the front door. I saw my friends mom waiting in her car out front. I put my stuff in the back and I got in. "So where are we going Tay?" I looked out the window. "The airport...." "Where are you going, and why?" I sighed. "I'm going to California to live with my brother Jc." I then explained to her why. One hour later we arrived at the airport. I thanked my friends mom for the ride and I got out. I grabbed my bags and walked into the airport. I walked up to the front desk, the lady standing there smiled at me. "Hello there miss! How may I help you?" I smiled back. "Hi! I have a one way plane ticket to anywhere..." I pulled it out of my back pocket and showed the lady. "I would like the next ride to the LAX airport, California." The lady took the ticket and examined it. She then looked on her computer, and then looked at me. "The next flight to LAX airport is at 3:00 pm." I smiled. "That's perfect!" She smiled back and then stamped my ticket. I took the ticket and went to go sit down. I pulled out my phone and called Jc. I nervously waited for him to answer. "Hello?" I smiled. "Hi, Jc?" "What's up Tay?" I took in a big breath. "Jc, pick me up at the LAX airport at 7:00 pm my time, so that would be 4:00 pm your time, ok?" "Wait, why..." I cut him off. "Jc, I'll explain it to you later, no questions asked right now, ok?" He sighed. "Ok, I'll see you later." I let out a sigh of relief. "Ok, I love you Jc!" I heard him laugh. "I love you too Tay!" We said goodbye and hung up.


Yay! First chapter! I already have the second one ready, I will be posting it tomorrow. I will also be writing ahead in my notebook tomorrow so I can always have something to post! Hope you guys have likes it so far! -Tay :{D

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