No Happy Ending...

Each a short story about fairy-tales...Without the happy endings...Snow White and more.


2. Snow White Part 2

Fran brought a poison apple. It was the color of Snow's lips and she was going to present it to the princess as a gift. "This is going to work very well, Is it not my Wishing Well?" She asked without expecting an answer.

"Of course, my lady," The Well answered, the face of a young woman appearing in it as usual, "You will soon be the fairest of them all."

"I must be off. Good-bye. I will come back to visit you, of course, because you have proved yourself most useful. I won't be back as often, though, now that I am going to live in the palace."

"Yes, My lady, I can't wait to see you again."


The ball began with The King's entrance. He walked to his throne which sat in the back of the ballroom, took his seat, and the line of women appeared very quickly. This ball was, after all, for him to find a new wife. The first woman was wearing quite an unfortunate gown and had curls sticking out all over her head. It was a shade of green that was almost sickly and had orange and purple feathers stuck to it in the strangest manner. Although, The King was polite as a king should be. He did decide she would not be the one to become Snow White's new mother.

He continued to politely kiss each woman's hand, but waved each off dismissively. Until, she caught his eye. She had beautiful honey blonde hair and soft brown eyes. The King sat up a little straighter and spoke for the first time during the ball.

"What is your name, My lady?"

"I'm Fran." She said, smiling slyly.

"Would you care to join me for the first dance, after my daughter arrives?"

"Oh, yes, I really would." Suddenly, as if planned, Snow made her descent down the stairs. The music began to play and Snow White took her place in a throne next to her father. Fran quickly retrieved the basket for the crook of her elbow, into her hand. 

"For you princess," she said, handing over the apple, "I hope you enjoy it."

Snow smiled sweetly to Fran, "Oh, Thank you!" 

She bit in the fruit and then left the rest in the basket to finish later. A young boy from the kingdom came to her throne and held out his hand.

"My name is Saul. Would you like to dance, Your Majesty?" He held his hand out to Snow. She smiled and looked to her father. The King nodded in conformation, so Snow nodded to Saul and they went to dance. 


Fran knew it only took one bite, so it wasn't a problem when Snow put the rest of the fruit down. She was swept off to dance with a boy, he called himself Saul, but Fran doubted she would live through the entire dance. Sure enough, Snow collapsed. The King saw and a look of panic crossed his face. He ran to her, pushing through civilians of the kingdom. He only cared for his daughter in this moment. Saul was on his knees, trying frantically to get Snow to tell him what was wrong. 

"Did you do this?" The King boomed at Saul.

"No, Your Majesty, She just -- she fell." 

The King looked to Snow, "Did he do this?" Snow shook her head and smiled.

"Saul would never hurt me, it wasn't him. I've known him for a long time. He's...He's my friend. I love you, Father." Snow whispered. She took her father's hand in one of her own and then took Saul's in her other hand. Suddenly, her eyes closed and her hands went limb. Both of the young men still gripped her hands. Fran knew she had won. She would be Queen and there wouldn't be a princess.




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