No Happy Ending...

Each a short story about fairy-tales...Without the happy endings...Snow White and more.


1. Snow White Part 1

Snow White...In a different way then you might have heard it before...

The King's beloved daughter Snow White would have to go. Fran knew it, for any time she asked her wishing well, she was never the fairest of them all. But, Fran knew not what she would do.


"Snow White, Aren't you hungry?" The King asked his beautiful daughter.

"No, not really at all, Father." She sighed and placed her fork on the table gently.

"Oh." Their Chef humphed in a way that suggested he was offended.

"Oh, no, I promise it's not that I do not enjoy your meals! They are wonderful, it's just lately, I haven't had much of an appetite." Snow White placed a gentle pale skinned hand on his shoulder and put a kiss of her blood red lips on his cheek. He flushed a bit and smiled to the child he so loved. The Chef had watched her grow from a child to a young woman. She was precious to him, and not to mention the rest of the palace staff. She had always been nothing but kind to all of them. She was one of the most beautiful and kind-hearted people ever to walk the earth. Everything seemed to glow when Snow White was around.


The ball was approaching and Snow White was excited to see who her new Step-Mother would be. She had never had a mother before, except for the first moments of her life. The Queen had died giving birth to her beautiful daughter. Snow was fourteen and desperately longed to have a motherly figure. Someone to care for her, to do her hair for the balls, a woman to tuck her into her bed before sleep, anything! 

Knock Knock

"Yes, Yes, Who is it?" She asked.

"Snow White, uh, Your Majesty, it's Lena."

"Oh, Do come in!" Snow said excitedly. Lena entered.

"I have your dress for the ball tomorrow. Your Majesty."

"Thank you. You don't have to call me 'Your Majesty' really, you don't."

"Oh! Oh, right, I'm sorry, Your- uh- I mean, Snow White." Lena flushed red.

"It's quite alright." Snow White giggled.

"I'll...I'll just be leaving, Snow White." Lena left the room, closing the door gently behind her. Snow looked to the dress Lena had put in her bed side chair. It was a deep red colored long gown, with silver designs on it. Snow gasped.


"It's perfect!" She whispered to herself.


Fran cast a spell over herself to make her look nearly as beauteous as Snow White- Nearly. But, not quite as beautiful. Although, Fran believed that she was much prettier than Snow White without her disguise, her wishing well suggested she disguised herself. Then it was time for the ball.

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