Until I saw you.

Ashton was a criminal.. He did liquor runs, drug selling, and more. But he didn't want to.. He never drank or took any of his items, he just needed the pay. To pay for his family, his ma, and his two siblings Harry and Lauren. He took taxes too, taxes of the people in the small town he lived in. It was small town, but it was filled with druggo's and alcoholics. One day he was gong for a tax collect, house to house, shop to shop, he felt more and more guilty about every dollar he took. He finally reached the near by milk bar, and saw the most beautiful girl in the world. Chelsea..


1. chapter one

Hey, I'm Ashton. I'm 15. I have two younger siblings, Harry and Lauren, i live with them and my ma. My dad left us when I was little, so I'm the man of the house now. I have 3 best mates, Calum, Michael and Luke. They're one year you get than me and I have known them throughout my whole life, were pretty similar, we are, including we all want to take care of our families, we all have pretty small families, but it's still hard to feed and wash them, keep them warm in winter and cool In summer, all while owing the house, it's pretty hard you no, it takes a lot of money, and they're not many jobs around here with good pay. Except for one place. Nicks. He is a down right criminal, he sells drugs, alcohol, takes money from the poor, if they won't give it up he will beat the ass off them and then ruin their house and any chance of surviving In this dreadful town. Oh yeah, me and my 3 friends, we work there. I am a criminal. But my family is alive. That's what makes it worth while.

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