When everything goes downhill for Mack, she ends up tackling the most douchiest guys in school.

She has one secret. She plays NFL.

When the 4 boys find out about this they aren't happy.

Running, Kidnapping, Romance And Brutality is involved in this story!


11. 1.9 MINE

He grabbed out a small backpack.

"You're not going to hurt me right?"

I say while calming down.

He looks at me and gives me an evil smile.

"No." He replies with a deep voice.

He pushes me into the front seat of the car.

"Wh-where are we going" I snap.

"Away from here" he replies as he tries to unscrew his eyebrow piercing.

" I want to go home" I say as I start sniffing.

"NO!" He screams. He slams on the breaks.

"You're staying with me" he eagerly replies as he lifts my chins up with his thumb.

I pull my head away.

"You're creeping me out Michael.." I reply as I pry at the door lock.

He turns his head and looks at me.

"Sorry babe" he laughs.

I start freaking out.

He grabs my hand with force and holds it.

"I will make you be mine. Whether you like it or not" he gripped my hand harder and stared wide eyed at me.


Sorry this chapters so short!

I'm trying to incorporate more ideas into the story! 😂


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