When everything goes downhill for Mack, she ends up tackling the most douchiest guys in school.

She has one secret. She plays NFL.

When the 4 boys find out about this they aren't happy.

Running, Kidnapping, Romance And Brutality is involved in this story!


7. 1.5 KANE

I push my way through a crowd of eager students trying to find out what was in the centre of the ring. I push a couple teachers out of my way as they rushed to help whoever was in the centre. KANE. Oh my god.

He was lying on the ground with a stabbing wound in his stomach. On his shirt he had a poster stabled to it saying "SURPRISE MACK, I CAME HOME EARLY"

"KANE!" I scream from the top of lounges. Oh my god, Kane please be ok! I run over and grab his hand. Fifty

"KANE WHAT THE HECK! WHO DID THIS!" I manage to push out of my lips as tears stream down my cheeks.

He opens his eyes and widened them. I lean down to hug him, teachers now caring to his injuries. Some students crying, some calling there friends to see. I look over and see Mr raynolds calling an ambulance.

"Kane.." I feel his heart stop.

My tears start pouring out now. My bestest friend ever just died InFront of me. The only person who liked me for me. The only person who got me, just died right then and there. I start pumping his chest "WAKE UP KANE" I scream. The teachers still try wrapping up his wounds with bandages.

"KANE GET UP" I scream louder. I hear everyone go silent.

"Please don't die.." I feel my heart going over drive, like I'm about to have a heart. I run outside into the hall to get some breaths I was about to have a panic attack. Kane you can't die, you won't die! Your so strong. I run outside and go to a tree that sits to the right of our school. When Kane used to go to our school, we wrote our initials on this tree to mark our friendship.

"K & M BFF"

I put my hand over it and cried harder. All of a sudden I feel an arm swing around my neck like I'm being choked.

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