When everything goes downhill for Mack, she ends up tackling the most douchiest guys in school.

She has one secret. She plays NFL.

When the 4 boys find out about this they aren't happy.

Running, Kidnapping, Romance And Brutality is involved in this story!


5. 1.4 - Dinner Try Hard

"Hey so, I was wandering if you want to go out to dinner?" He say as he stares awkwardly at me.

"Go fuck yourself" I reply without thinking. Oh god. Here it comes.

"Oh uh ok" he looks around hesitantly to see if anyone was watching.

"Why? Might I ask?" I shoot back.

"Uh you know to make it up to you or something?" He answered.

"You think I'd go to dinner with a fucktard who made my nose bleed and eyes swell? No thanks I'll pass." I said As held my breath waiting for the punch.

"I DIDNT BEAT YOU UP THEY DID! You don't have be such a scat about it." He blurted. I could see his face go a little bit red. Anger or embarrassment? I have no Idea.

"Get out of my face you bully" i snickered and pushed him out of the way.

"HEY!" He shouts. He looks the other way and sees Ashton coming and runs over to him.




"What were you just doing?" Ashton demanded as he stared lying his eyes on Mack.

"Telling her to move" I said confidently.

"You don't go near that runt unless we are with you GOT IT! The only one who's allowed to be alone with her is me. And that's when I'm giving her a taste of what she's got coming!" He bellowed.

Fuck off. I can be near her if I fucking want. He makes me so mad sometimes.




I kick the trash can. Idiot thinks I would go to dinner with a selfish whiny brat. HE MAKES ME SO ANGRY! THEY ALL DO! I'm never going to have any spare time go with him anyways. This whole week I'll be spending it with Kane. I open the classroom door and see a crowd surrounding someone on the crowd.

Who's that? I try to make my way through the crowd .

"Hey let me through what's going on?!"

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