When everything goes downhill for Mack, she ends up tackling the most douchiest guys in school.

She has one secret. She plays NFL.

When the 4 boys find out about this they aren't happy.

Running, Kidnapping, Romance And Brutality is involved in this story!


4. 1.3

I get up and wipe the spit off my face. I drop everything in my hands and run to the bathroom. I lock my self in the bathroom stall and start crying. This is the first time I've ever cried after being beaten and bruised. That incompetent freak tried to make out with me, then got his silly little girl toys to bash me. That was the most embarrassing moment off my life. I hear the door swing open from the hallway.

"Haha what a loser letting those weaklings bash her hahaha"

They chatter a little bit more about boys then they leave. I curl up again and cry. Next time that happens I don't care what happens, I'm going to fight back. I'm not going to give a shit if someone gets hurt.

I finally get the courage to go outside of the toilet stall I go out into the hallway and grab my stuff off the ground and throw it into my locker. I grab my phone and notice my mascara running down my face. Ewww this day couldn't get any worse. My phone vibrates and a text message from my best friend kane. He's a guy. If you can't tell girls don't like me. I've known Kane since I was 3 and we've been playing football ever since we were 5. So we're pretty close.

"I get to come to your town and stay for a couple nights! Your mums letting me stay at yours I might see a couple of my other mates while I'm over there! How's life? I miss not getting to see you."

I only get to see him every two weeks on a Friday. Then on the Saturday for our game.

I reply back.

"Hey, can't wait! And life's not good at the moment. I think my nose is broken. What can I say? I've been through worse haha bye xox"

I quickly click reply and wipe the mascara away from underneath my eyes with a wet wipe from my bag and then run to class.

Just as I'm about to open the door for class the bell for next session rings. Ok I'll just go to next session. I make my way through the halls without being detected in just about to reach my class ( gym, my favourite) when Michael appears. Fucking hell Michael.

"WHAT" I scream.

He looks at me a little shocked.

"Hey so-"

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