When everything goes downhill for Mack, she ends up tackling the most douchiest guys in school.

She has one secret. She plays NFL.

When the 4 boys find out about this they aren't happy.

Running, Kidnapping, Romance And Brutality is involved in this story!


3. 1.2

I get off the bus when it arrives at school. I walk inside and go towards my locker. I see Michael. Please don't hurt me today I'm not In the middle for that shit. He walks up to me.

"Do you have my money today?"

He says as he shuts my locker door.

"Yep, your not getting it though." I say as I re open my locker door and smile at him. Michael doesn't really hurt me, he usually just gets Luke or CALUM to do it, I think he's just weak like that. He clicks his fingers.

I see Saige and ruby come out. What the fuck are they doing? Are they now Michaels new partners in crime? I laugh at the thought.

"What are you laughing at runt?" Ruby chimes.

"Nothing.." I reply as I take my skateboard out of my bag and into my locker. She cracks her knuckles and Michael whispers something into her ear, they then repeat what he said into saiges ear.




I push ruby and Saige behind me.

I look at mack's innocent face I lean in and start kissing her.

"Ugly slut" I whisper in her ear.

"Get off me you disgusting freak" she says as she smashed me in the hallway wall.

Shit she's strong.

"What are you looking at? HURRY UP" I scream now in frustration.

I watch Saige and ruby start pounding her into the ground.

"Get off me you ugly sluts" I hear her scream. I giggle to myself, but then feel guilt spread throughout my body.

"OK GET OFF HER, GET OFF HER!" I scream. About 5 minutes have gone past before I told them to get off.

I look at Mack and see her eyes swollen and nose bleeding. The girls look at me.

"Your not feeling sorry for this loser? Are you?" Ruby says as she wipes the drying blood off her fists.

"EW no" I reply quickly as I spit at her face.

"That's where you belong" I look at her, staring into her eyes. I'm actually starting feel sympathy for this loser...

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