Why dark corners remain dark...

So why are there so many ghost stories but so little proof?

Could it be that the truth, is all too frightening?


1. Why dark corners remain dark...


The corners of the room are dark for a reason. 

If for a second we saw the faces leering over us at night we would never sleep. 


The masks of the dead are the most monsterouse of all. 

They can no longer hide Behind mortal flesh, the bitter emotions we hide daily they have exposed. 


They don't smile as they can't force one. 

They cry as they can't blink away the tears. 

Their story written on their face and their motives. 


They are the darkness, simple light the cure of the sight. 

The dark corners their safe haven/hiding place. 


Though they lean over us at night, we will never see them for we close our eyes to sleep

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