My life.


1. Drowning

Sometimes it's just hard to stay afloat in life.

Because it's seems like everybody is hoping, for you to drown.

And I get tired of swimming. It's just so hard. You have to stay above everything that's happening, and every emotion and every thought, and every act you've had build up. And some times you feel as if you slipped away into the water.

Nobody would know.

And in that water, it's pure and crisp silence. And it's beautiful.

But as you stay in the water and let yourself sink. You suddenly need to breath...

So you open your eyes. And see nothing but blur. And you swim once more, to reach the top.

But you start to float, and your not moving or sinking. You're just staying afloat.

But the more that you float the more you drown.

And suddenly it starts to flood, all the water starts coming in.

And you just stay still and, float.

Because this is what it's like everyday.

To constantly be fighting to swim. While the world just wants to watch you just drown.

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