The demon.

You can't stand in the sunlight without a shadow behind you. In an envelope of darkness, may you find the pure beauty in everything...


1. I

My name. My name is Annabelle.

And I... I am 19 years old.

I am... Different. 

I always have been... 


I have a friend.

My friend shows me to the dark side every day.

He lets me escape reality for a moment every day. 

For a price. 

That I do not yet know. 

But every day;

The purity of the blackness keeps me...

Sanely insane. 

At least that's what my friend calls it. 


I am addicted to the darkness like a drug. 

A drug.

It keeps blood pumping through my veins. 

And my friend... 

He will whisper things in my ear... 

And I. 


I let him take over. 

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