What the hell am i doing here?


1. well hello there

Hey I'm going to introduce my self every fast my name is Alison and I live in Dalls texas and I'm barely 17 and my best friend is Bella I know kinda a over popular name but it is what it is and I was never popular neither is Bella but that all changed when I came home one wens day after noon my parents decided to move me and my sister across earth to Sydney astrellia the only reason they moved me was because my sister is one of those girls that are popular and kinda sluty

And I was one of those girls that wore black skinny jeans and a old band t-shirt and my parents always thought that I was a cutter so my mom used to do a full body check and that's why I can't hang out with jacy her mom found bloody rasors in a cabinet and freaked out and almost died at the thought so my parents told me if I ever want to see daylight that I couldn't talk to her and now because of all that I'm stuck in the middle of drama cause now I'm "popular"

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