What the hell am i doing here?


2. divorce?

Hey dad I said walking down stairs and saw a tall blue eyed guy in the middle of the kitchen eating Nutella on a waffle and went up to my dad and asked who the mystery guy was and to make it offesus he said oh Ali this is our neighbor luke hemmings when you get off of school you will head over to his house but dad I'm 17 I don't think I need a baby sitter if I can drive than I can watch myself and we're is Hanna going to go (dad) your sister and mother are going to stay in Dalls for a while wait are yall divorcing (no were just gonna keep distance now tell luke all about yourself he will go to your school with you he can be your first friend)ok dad I said grabbing Luke's shirt and pulling him out the door wow pushy Mutch?

Luke's pov:

She was one of those hot pushy girls I'm kinda glad I'm her baby sitter she's 17 and I'm 18 she is just what I want in my life a huge ass and some killer boobs I hope we could be more than friends Evan tho I just met her it fells like I have known her for years

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