It's Time

Just a quick short story.


1. It's Time

You sit in front of your laptop. It has gotten late but you don’t feel like sleep is an option right now. Your computer makes a noise. You got a message. You see it’s a no reply message, yet something inside you is compelling you to open this mystery message. You open it. “IT’S TIME” is written is all caps. You wondered what this message is talking about. Was it sent to you by accident? Could it be a weird practical joke of some sort? Whatever it is you delete the message and go back to what you were doing.

Later that night you hear your laptop ding again. You wonder who could be trying to talk to you this late, all your friends have long gone to bed. You open your laptop to find the same type of message pop up, a no reply. You roll your eyes. ‘What kind of idiot do you think I am?’ you think to yourself. You open the message to see what it says this time. “ARE YOU READY?” “Ready for what?” you whisper.

You try to shake off the bad feeling that was enveloping in your stomach. Something about this didn’t seem right to you. A bang in your kitchen makes you jump out of your skin. You debate on going into the kitchen when a cracking sound. This was no ordinary house noise that makes you jump in the night, no this was something different. This noise sounded like a bone cracking and snapping into a million little pieces and it was getting closer to your room.

Anxiety fills in the pit of your stomach and grows larger as the sound grows closer. Someone was in your house. You wonder what to do the noise was growing closer it wouldn’t be more than 2 minutes before whoever was in your house barged into your room. Getting up you walked to your closet and grabbed a baseball bat. You are holding it so tightly that your knuckles begin to turn white. This was the one thing you had for protection. As you try to mentally prepare yourself the noise stops. Maybe it was just a noise your house had made.

Laughing to yourself you put down the bat by your closet and walk back to your bed to lay down. You lay in the dark for about ten minutes, feeling as if you were being watched. Turing on the lamp by your bedside you look around your room. No one was there but you and your shadow. Shaking your head you turn off the light and lay back down. The feeling then returns moments later. But this time you know someone is watching you.

Before you could even get up to check again you hear the bone crushing crack that you heard earlier. Panic fill you as you try to get up and run to your closet to grab the bat that you had let go of.  But it was too late whoever was in your house had grabbed you by your hair and yanked you down. You are then met with a slender but strong figure. You could not tell what this person looked like; all you could put together was that it was a male.

You struggle to get away but this man has a strong grip on your hair. You give up.  The feeling of certain death takes you over. Before you even know it you’re crying. The man starts to laugh. His laugh was manacle. Suddenly you feel something sharp at your neck. You cry harder. Then it’s all over for you.  

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