Keep Dreaming, Kid [L.H] {Collab With SapphDia96}

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Luke Hemmings is the guy of her dreams. Blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, sexy and has a great personality. But her whole world comes crumbling down, when one wrong choice is made.


5. Luke Penguin Hemmings (Chapter four)

A/N Hey it's lee and here is my chapter of dis random book!!!!!!!! - Lee 

Jade's P.O.V 

All day at school, I wondered about what Luke said earlier this morning. I waited and waited for the clock to strike whatever time school ended today. And the worse thing about today was when I was chilling out on the field with Perrie. Then this random horrible, nasty chick came up to me and started making up all these lies about me. And they were quite horrible too. They were also completely false. Not one true. 

"Jade, you are so mean to my best friend! What did Summer ever do to you?" I sat there confused. 

"You are such a horrible person! Spreading horrible rumors about her!" The girl said furiously. 

"I have no idea what you're talking about, and why can't you just go and mind your own business! Just leave us alone! And I don't even know who Summer is!!!" I shouted. 

"Then why don't you buzz off if you don't know her!" She continued yelling at me. I stood up. 

"For the last time I don't even know what the hell your talking about!!!! Okay, just leave me alone!" And I walked away before I raged at that chick. 

*After school* 

School finally ended and I got to meet up with Luke. He told me to meet him outside the art room. I ran to the area and I saw him standing on the edge of a seat. I waved to him. He waved back at me. 

I wandered over to him casually. "Hey Luke, where are we going this afternoon?" I asked kindly. 

"I was thinking that was go to the Zoo, I mean, you love animals right?" 

"Yeah, who doesn't love animals?" 

I followed Luke to his car and he drove off taking me to the Zoo. Luke was a very careful driver. Never goes over the speed limit, not even a tiny bit. He always stops at orange lights, even if he has enough time to cross. Luke is also very calm behind the wheel. And I mean really calm. Never shouted once, not even spoke. It was really awkward. I stayed quiet until we went past a pie shop. 

They have the best pies. 

"Luke, turn back. There's a pie show back there." But it was too late Luke was pulling up to the zoo. Luke found a park and I followed him inside the front building to pay. 

I offered to pay my own bill, but Luke said I shouldn't. 

We didn't talk much around the zoo, until we saw the bison. There's something about bison that I really like. Maybe it's their fur, or their legs. 

"Hey Luke, have you ever thought about riding a bison?" 

Luke raised an eyebrow. 

"No, but I have thought about riding a penguin." 

I rolled my eyes. "I could tell, you have penguin seat covers in your car." We both laughed. 

The next animal was the pandas, my favourite animal. 

There was a baby panda too, it was sooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!! I forced Luke to take billions of pictures, and so he did. 

"Jade, I need to save room for the penguins." 

"Fine, and I also want to catch the polar bears. I love them." 

I followed Luke to the Frozen part of the zoo, where all the animals that are from colder climates live. The first animal we saw were the Arctic Wolves. Followed by seals, then arctic foxes, then lemmings, arctic hare, snowy owl and lastly the penguins. 

Luke brought out his camera and took up all his phone's storage with the cutest pictures of penguins. 

"Should I send some pictures to Cal?" He asked grinning. 

"Sure, go ahead. I'm completely sure Cal will love to see pictures of Penguins." 

After a long afternoon at the zoo Luke drove me home. 

"Thanks for that, it was super fun." 

"Before you go, can I give you something?" 


Luke climbed into the back seat and pulled out a giant Panda toy. He chucked it at me and I caught it. 

"Thanks for this afternoon, it was super fun." 

Luke smiled. 

"I'll see you tomorrow?" 

"Yep." And I kissed his cheeked and ran inside waving at him. Luke waved back then drove off as I got inside. 

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