Keep Dreaming, Kid [L.H] {Collab With SapphDia96}

Competition entry for the competition thingy xD

Luke Hemmings is the guy of her dreams. Blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, sexy and has a great personality. But her whole world comes crumbling down, when one wrong choice is made.


1. Jade Winters (Prologue)

Hey, it's Lee and Ally. I mean Ally and Lee. I'm Lee, this is a new book. I hope it's awesome, Ally is an amazing writer!!

Jade's P.O.V 

I heard a loud bang from downstairs this morning. I sighed and looked back up at my black ceiling. Then at my walls. Everything in my dark room was well, dark! I stared at my Black Veil Brides poster. I imagined myself performing with them on stage. It was an amazing daydream. Then all of a sudden my stupid ass alarm clock went off. I still know what time it goes off, but, it always gives me a hell of a fright. 

I'm Jade, Jade Winters. I'm at the peak of turning 18, just 1 more week until I become an adult. I'm not very excited about becoming older. I'm on my last year of High school, I have also become well known around my school. I don't like that many people either. I hate half of my school. I think a quarter of my school is annoying then, the other quarter is sporty or smart. And then there's my 4 other friends. 

Louis, Jasy, Perrie and Calum. They are super weird, and for some reason helpful. Amazing. Epic!!! Louis is the funny one. He always makes a joke out of everything. Jasy, the sporty one. She beats everyone every year, at every sports event. Perrie, she's  the stylish one. She always knows the latest fashion trends, what colours go with what people. And amazing hair tips, to keep it looking great. Then at last, there's the amazing Calum Hood. He's so sassy. He is the sassiest person I know (A/N I do know that is not a word okay!). Calum is also really awesome at soccer. 

I'm quite into Music. Mostly anything Punk, Like All Time Low, Blink 182, Green Day, Paramore, Fall out boy and Tonight Alive. Then there is some heavy music I also like... Black Veil Brides, Linkin Park, Evanescence and Falling in reverse. Yep, I'm a band geek. Some people even think I'm emo. Well, I sorta am. I have self-harmed before but, that was years ago. When I was like 15. I hit a low patch, when my Dad died. He was one of the best people I knew. 

Dad, was in the navy. He was brave, talented and special. He always said to me, Keep Dreaming, Kid. I still remember the day he died. 

I leaped out of bed for the epic day ahead. And for some random reason I couldn't wait until school started. I thought I hated school. Oh well, what can you do about that. I put some music on. My playlist went straight to All Time Low, Nothing personal. The song that played was, break your little heart. I loved this song so freaking much!!! 

I found a random shirt. It was a Blink band shirt. I chucked it on and I found some jeans. They only came down to my knees, so they were shorts but, who cares about what the hell I wear? I then put some red vans on and I ran downstairs to grab breakfast. Mum wasn't in, so I opened the fridge and found the pizza. It was meat lovers. I snatched 2 pieces and I wandered out the front door. 

"What a lovely day!" I heard myself say for the first ever time. I sniffed the air, the double sniffed the air. It smelt like pie. Damn it!!! Now I want pie!!!! I set off down the road towards school. 

I hope you all enjoyed dis chapter of Keep dreaming, Kid! I hope this chapter has made you want to read more!!!! - Lee

A/N Ally here ^^ I edited this chapter, so blame me if there's any horrid mistakes! I'm writing the next chapter so keep a look out for that xx -Ally XOX

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