Keep Dreaming, Kid [L.H] {Collab With SapphDia96}

Competition entry for the competition thingy xD

Luke Hemmings is the guy of her dreams. Blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, sexy and has a great personality. But her whole world comes crumbling down, when one wrong choice is made.


2. Huke Lemmings {Chapter One}

A/N Ally again :3 It's my turn to write a chapter! And I apologise for Lee's FUCKING HORRIBLE MISTAKES

okay lets start -claps dramatically-

:3 Now I am now ur daddeh

Jade's P.O.V

"OMFG OMFG OMFG!" I looked over to a red-haired geek who was fangirling over a male she had a crush on.

Maybe they're dating.

I dunno.

Anyways back to my horrible life!

Just kidding.

I like my life.



I looked over to my lovely group of friends, who were grinning at me. I grinned at them and ran over, hugging Calum. He looked at me weirdly considering I never hug anybody. I like hugs okay? 

"What's up with the hugs?"

"Oh! Me next! Me me me!"

I looked at Lou, who was jumping up and down wildly, waving his arm like a crazed person. 


He smiled and tackled me in a hug, refusing to let go. I groaned and attempted to push him away.

"Guys, we have to go to class."

Lou grinned and picked me up and started carrying me to class. Calum huffed and ran after us, grabbing me from Lou and setting me on the ground. I smiled gratefully at him and ran to class, hoping to escape Lou's death grip. I sat in my usual seat, pulling out my books. 

"Okay class, simmer down."

I looked up at our teacher and scowled. He was always too happy.

"We have a new student today. So, here he is."

A blonde haired male walked into the classroom and smiled shyly, shuffling on his feet. I zoned out and looked him over. He had blue eyes, perfect blonde quiffed hair, a Nirvana muscle shirt, ripped skinny jeans and black converse.

"Uh hey, I'm Luke."

His voice was silky, like a blanket. He sat in a seat across the room, staring intently at the board as the teacher wrote up something about old bands. I felt eyes on me and looked over to see Luke staring at me. He noticed me looked and took his lip ring in between his teeth, turning back to the front. A blush overtook his cheeks and I smirked. I kept staring at him, and he finally turned to me. I licked my lips and winked at him.

His eyes went wide and he slid down in his seat, his face turning even redder if that was possible.

The class droned on, all about bands nobody cared about. As soon as the bell rang, I stood up immediately and ran out the door with my bag.

"Um, hey?"

I looked behind me and Luke stood there, shyly smiling and shuffling on his feet. He tends to do that a lot.

"Hey, Luke yeah?"

He nodded and looked into my eyes. Damn those eyes, I could get used to them.

"I was wondering if I could have your number? I mean, if not, it's totally fine!"

I nodded and held out my hand. He gave me his phone and I entered my number, and name putting it as 'Jade ^^'

He thanked me and ran off to what I presumed was his next class.

Oh that boy will be the death of me.

A/N Lel wtf was this X'D Kay that's all :P Bye bitchachos!

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