Keep Dreaming, Kid [L.H] {Collab With SapphDia96}

Competition entry for the competition thingy xD

Luke Hemmings is the guy of her dreams. Blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, sexy and has a great personality. But her whole world comes crumbling down, when one wrong choice is made.


6. Diagnose (Chapter Five)

A/N Ally and I are having problems with this story so, it's gonna take a long time to finish. Sorry about that - Lee 


P.S Lee wrote the first half of this chapter, so yeh.

Luke's P.O.V 

It was finally Saturday, and I planned on hanging out with Jade. But I had something really important happening today. I was finally going to the doctors to have a check up. 

"Come on in Luke and Liz." My doctor called out from inside his office. 

Mum and I walked inside, sitting down on the cold leather seats. I wiggled around a bit at the uncomfortable feeling.

"How've things been?" He asked. 

"Everything's been fine." My mum answered for me, as I looked around the room. 

"How are you feeling Luke?"

I looked up at him, frowning a bit.

"Fine, apart from the fact that I've been feeling weird." 

"What do you mean by weird?" 

"I'm having a lot of nosebleeds now, I get really sweaty at night, I don't feel like eating anymore and I've lost a lot of weight. I always feel tired for no reason, I always wake up with a fever, it feels like my bones are in pain and my belly has swollen up on the left side." I explained.  

My doctor gave my Mum a funny look, probably wondering why I wasn't brought in earlier. I inhaled deeply, scared for what a diagnosis would be. My doctor, Mr. Jaye, opened a file on his computer and started typing. I looked at my mum, a worried look was plastered on her face. 

Mr. Jaye looked up from the computer and pushed his glasses up his nose. His face resembled a blank canvas, or a stone. No emotion what so ever.

"What did you find?" Mum asked. 

"Luke has symptoms of Leukemia. We're going to have to treat you as soon as possible."

My eyes widened as the words left the doctors mouth. Leukemia?

"It can't be." My mum's voice cracked. 

"Don't worry just yet, we're going to send you through to the hospital and do some tests until we can confirm the exact diagnosis." 

"What is the chance that I have... Leukemia?" The word sent a cold shiver down my spine, and a horrible taste was left in my mouth. 

"There's a high percentage. Around 83.57%. You have most of the symptoms." 

I felt a tear roll down my cheek, as quickly hid my face in my hands. I couldn't start crying. Not here anyways.

"How soon can we do the tests?" Mum asked, sighing softly. 

"We can book you in next week for the tests. You must make sure to call us if anything happens, and if the symptoms get worse bring him to the hospital immediately." 

"Yes, of course."

"Thank you for coming."

My. Jaye wrote something on a piece of paper and handed it to mum, leading us out of the room immediately. He shot me a sympathetic smile before going back inside his office and closing the door. 

The car drive home was spent in an uncomfortable silence

Mum followed me in. 

I went upstairs to my room and sat down and stared out the window. 

"Luke!" Mum called. I wandered downstairs and Jade was standing at the front door. 

"You can go out if you want." Mum offered and she left me to handle Jade. 

"Hey Luke, you see down." 

I shrugged. 

"Do you want to walk around?" She smiled. 

"Sure." And I closed the door behind me. I followed Jade to the park near he house. 

"Anything going on I should know about?" She sat next to my on the park seat. 

"Nah, there's nothing." I said under my breath. 

"Are ya sure Lukie?" That was the first time she called me that. 

"Yeah, I'm sure." 

"I enjoyed our date after school the other day, it was so fun. Did you have a nice time?" Jade seemed really perky. 

"Yep, it was fun." I looked down at the ground. 

"Something's up. What is it Luke?" 


"I know we just started dating, but I already know the signs of you lying to me. Luke tell me what's up? It's the only way it will help you out if you tell someone." 

"Please shut up." I mumbled. 

"Why? I know something's wrong. I'm allowed to know what's wrong." She looked me dead in the eye. My eyes began to water. 

"Are you crying?" 

"No, I'm just tired." 

"You're always tired. Something's up." 

"You already said that. 

"I'm going to get to the bottom of it." Jade explained. Everything went quiet. 

"Jade?" I asked. 

"What Luke? Are you going to tell me or what?" 

"I can't." My voice cracked. "Are you sure?" 

"I'm completely sure." And I smiled slightly.  

"Good, you scared me just then. Never do that again." Jade hugged me. 



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