Keep Dreaming, Kid [L.H] {Collab With SapphDia96}

Competition entry for the competition thingy xD

Luke Hemmings is the guy of her dreams. Blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, sexy and has a great personality. But her whole world comes crumbling down, when one wrong choice is made.


3. After School phone Call

A/N Hey peoples (I do know that is not a stupid word)!!!! I bet Ally's Chapter was waaaaayyyyyyy (Way what?) Waaaayyyyyy epicer than mine, but that's up to you and it's not a competition. I just like Pie and Penguins and music and more Pie! Peace Out - Lee 

Jade's P.O.V 

I sprinted out of class and over to the rest of my friends. Who were all in the middle of the field (What were they doing on the field?). Cal gave me a big hug, squeezing me to death. "Calum, you're hurting me!" I said, struggling to get out of his hug. Calum let go of me. "That you god!!!" I screamed. "So Jade how was your day today?" Perrie asked winking. "Fine." I mumbled. 

"Oh really, than what was all the romance in class for?" Perrie asked. "What romance, if you're meaning that guy staring at me, that was just for fun!" I rubbed the back of my neck (I do that when I'm lying). Perrie raised an eyebrow. "Oh really?" I nodded. "So who is he then?" She took a step closer to me. Jasy giggled. "Do you have his number?" Perrie kept asking me these stupid questions. "Fine, I'll tell you even though it's none of your business. His name is Luke and he's the new student in my forum class."

They all went oh la la... "So, he's just a minor friend." 

"So, you don't make friends very often!" Perrie said. "Wait! Is his name Luke Hemmings?" Calum asked scratching his head. "Yeah, so what if it is? It's not like your going to know him!" 

"I know him, we're really good friends!" I sighed after what Cal said. "Wow Calum, I don't Care!" Calum shrugged and walked off with Lou, Jasy and Perrie leaving me all alone. I walked back to where classrooms were, then I realized I left something in class. My Phone!!! My most precious thing I have, with all my Music on it. I sprinted as fast as my legs could go and back to my forum room. 

I opened the door into the classroom and look who was there. Luke, he was holding my Phone. "Isn't this you're Phone?" He asked shyly. "Yep, thanks. I always forget something!" I chuckled a little. Luke was really blank, just standing there. "So..." I said, trying to start a conversation. I smiled at him. He looked awkwardly at the ground. 

"Well see ya!" And I walked out the classroom. I wandered down the halls to get out of this place but, I heard someone calling my name behind me. I turned around to see Luke running super fast yelling out. "You forgot your Phone again!" Then he ran straight into me. We both fell on the floor. 

I sighed anxiously. "Here's your Phone." He put it on the floor next to me. "Thanks, I'm a bit stupid sometimes!" "Yeah, I figured that!" Luke got off me and helped me up. "Thanks, I should go." And I started walking home. 

*1 Hour later* 

"C'mon stupid computer!!! Let me search up Panic! At the Disco!!!!!!" I shouted tapping my computer's mouse. Then my whole computer turned off. I slammed down the lid and put it on the table next to me. "Why does my computer have to hate Panic! At the Disco?" 

Then my phone rang, the ring tone was Fall out Boy... I don't Care. I answered the mysterious number and answered with... "Hello!" 

There was no answer. 

"Is this a joke?" I called into the Phone. 

"Hey!" I tiny voice said. 

"Who are you and why are you calling me?" 

"It's the guy from school today. Luke". 

"Oh really, Luke?" 

"Yep, it's me. The Can-" 

"The what? And how did you get my number?" 

"Here's the thing. I hacked into you're phone and looked in your contacts and got your number. And why do you have a contact as yourself?" 

"So I know my number, Duh! Why else?" 

Luke seemed very nervous, and shy. I do know he is shy!!! 

"So do you wanna talk?" 

"Sure Winter, sound nice!" 

Luke and I talked for ages. And I mean ages. At least 2 hours. 

"I have to go now, see you at school tomorrow!" 

"Bye Luke!" And he hung up. 

A/N And this was another chapter of dis amazing book!!!! - Lee 


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