I perceive these more to be deep mindful thoughts and ramblings but I was encouraged to write my thoughts down as some acknowledged them as quite poetic and I was encouraged to do so by Colette and although I may lack in grammar and punctuation I don't feel this should be a reason to hold back on publishing such thoughts of so called poetry. It's believed that some of the greats were illiterate to an extent but I hope I get the image across all the same. so here is to Colette who shines for the sake of others.


1. The Journey

Tactile tampering, a fractured reality, how is it that a life all the more real cannot be constant but constantly withdrawn, withheld but withstand the time and destination, the point from A to B, the point from you to me. Distance nothing more than a concept, a contraption of time, tediously testing my lust that leads me to thee.  

  Do we dream up reality be it that reality is nothing more than a dream, a dream we dreamt, a dream we share, are we real or do we lay are weakness bare, is this real or would it be fair to say although by touch and sight you are there of which my feelings grow fond of you to which I care, could you be a figment of the imagination, beautiful imagery, emotional imitation all the more I stand and stare.   did I travel into the depths of my conscious mind and a dream a dream for days or did I travel to a place down south humbled with fair maidens grace, could it be that I was seamlessly soothed by serenities sirens or in fact taken by the consideration and care of such a character as Colette of which I lay my arms to rest but better yet my days spent with you be it sunny or wet was more than real and this I won't forget, better yet............   This I don't regret. 

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