Ready For Anything

A Falklands war veteran who suffers horrific burn injuries learns to cope in the outside world when he is discharged from the 3rd para unit.


9. 9

“I think you’ve met your match there Tony lad said Alan Thompson who was in the bed next to him. Alan had been brought in after breaking his leg in a car accident. He had to have some metal plates and screws to hold all the bones in place until they healed.

“Right then nurse Patterson; I will make a bet with you.”

“A bet is it; what kind of a bet would that be now?

“If I can walk to the end of the ward and back again will you go out with me for a drink?

June thought to herself for a moment then said “Alright you’re on.

The nurse never expected Tony to do it,she thought that she had nothing to lose by accepting the wager.

“Tony had always been a determined character, strong in mind; his strength and leadership qualities had endeared him to his men who looked up to him to set the standard for them to follow. Before June had time to say Paddy McGinty Tony was off down the ward. He got to the forth bed and was on towards the fifth when the energy began to drain from his body. He steadied himself then swung himself around.

The lads were getting excited now as Tony made his way back towards June Patterson. He looked at her from the last bed in the ward; she was a picture of loveliness he thought as he pushed off with his left leg. The lads were cheering as he got to within two beds and nearly fell over but grit and determination kept him upright and he finally made it.

“Tony was exhausted and June helped him into his seat.

She took away the crutches and placed them onto his bed before pouring him a drink of water from the jug on his locker and handing it to him.

“Thank you.”

“I see you are petty determined when you put your mind to it Tony.”

“Our Motto is “Ready for Anything Miss.”

“Whose motto would that be then I’d be asking you?

“Why it’s third Para regiment.”

The lads all waited to see if the nurse was going to honour the bet.

“Well then said Tony; will you come out with me for that drink then?

“I suppose a bet is a bet is it not?

“I reckon so.”

“One drink it is then.”

The lads all cheered again as the physiotherapist picked up the crutches from his bed and smartly walked out of the ward.

Tony watched her as she turned around and gave him a big smile.

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