Ready For Anything

A Falklands war veteran who suffers horrific burn injuries learns to cope in the outside world when he is discharged from the 3rd para unit.


8. 8

By the end of November 1982 Tony began walking with the aid of crutches his physiotherapist June Patterson had done a splendid job with Tony; she had pushed him to do that little bit extra every day. They shared jokes together and she promised Tony that she would have a drink with him when he was fully recovered.

June Patterson was just what Tony needed after he received the news that his wife was divorcing him. At first it hurt him very badly he was depressed he had very low esteem until one morning when June walked in. She was like a breath of fresh air.

June was twenty four years old slim and very attractive; she tied back her blonde hair which highlighted her face. She had big blue eyes and a cheeky smile.

June was from Ireland and had grown up with” The troubles” as they called them since she was a child in Belfast. Her father Barry was a policeman and was forced to relocate after giving vital evidence in a trial that sent five men to prison for a bombing conspiracy. They now lived in Gateshead where she qualified as a nurse and went to work in the RVI (Royal Victoria Infirmary) she then went onto university to qualify as a physiotherapist.

June put down a deposit on a flat in Market Lane near Swalwell.


“Right then Mr Parker let’s be having you said June with a grin as she brought in a pair of crutches.

“Where’s my wheelchair asked Tony?

“There will be no wheelchairs for you today so get off your bum and get these under your arms.”

She handed Tony the crutches as he sat in the armchair near his bed.

“My you’re a feisty one aren’t you miss said Tony as the other men in the ward all laughed.

“I’m not to be messed with Mr Parker; you won’t get your own way with me so come on; time is a waistin’ here.”

Tony rose unsteadily from the seat then placed the crutches under each arm. He felt faint for a while as the circulation to his legs began to travel round his body.

He took two tentative steps forward. The tightness behind his knees became apparent.

“You’re doin’ just fine now; said June as she encouraged Tony to carry on.

“Now let’s see you turn to your left.”

“How do I do that; I’m stuck?

“Try to swing your hips Mr Parker.”

“Please call me Tony will you; I mean if we are going to be going out together then you could at least call me by my first name.”

“What makes you so sure that I would go out with a fellow like you now; I ask you?

“Well firstly because I’m charming, extremely handsome; and I’ve never been turned down by a women yet.”

“Well you’re wrong there then aren’t ya’ because I’m not one of your floozies you pick up and a Saturday night; I be telling you.”

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