Ready For Anything

A Falklands war veteran who suffers horrific burn injuries learns to cope in the outside world when he is discharged from the 3rd para unit.


4. 4

It was some twelve hours later when Eleanor Parker took a phone call to tell her that her son had been badly injured. Eleanor put down the phone and cried. Alan Parker came from the kitchen to ask who was on the phone and saw his wife crying.

“What’s wrong darling?

“It’s Tony he’s been badly injured and he’s in a critical condition.

Alan put his arms around his wife trying to console her but her tears were uncontrollable. Tony was their only child he couldn’t die he thought; he was only 23 years old.

“Why didn’t Suzanne ring? Asked Eleanor she would have been told before us. The hospital said that Tony had asked if they could inform us.”

Alan picked up the phone and rang Suzanne but there was no answer.

“Where on earth can she be said Eleanor; surely she wouldn’t have gone out knowing Tony is in a critical condition.”

“Maybe she doesn’t know said Alan trying to make excuses for his daughter in laws absence.”

“You know as well as I Alan, that things aren’t good between them; he should never have married her.”

“We don’t know that Eleanor you’re just assuming.”

“I know my son Alan; I’m telling you at the dockside when he got on the ship I sensed something was wrong.”

“I will ring again later to see if she is in; she may have slipped out to the shop.”

“Shop you say no she has her food stuff delivered from Asda super market; she is a lazy one I’m telling you. “ The only time she goes out is to gallivant.”

Suzanne Hall was only 21years old, she liked the good things in life and when she met Tony in his uniform at nineteen one night whilst he was out with a group of squadies she thought to herself that this was her ticket to get out of the bad home life she had. Her parents lived in Benwell in the East End of Newcastle. The house was clean but it had little in the way of luxuries. Her father worked in a textile factory and her mother in a shoe shop in Eldon Square.

There were five children in the house and she was the only girl. Her father Robert Hall ruined her and would give her his last penny. Her mother Annie on the other hand was all for her youngest son Brian; her mother had had an affair and Brian was the result. Annie never told Robert about the affair but confided in her aunt. Billy Telford her lover died of a heart attack he was only 42. Annie never got over his death.

 It didn’t take Tony long to propose to Suzanne and they were engaged a year later. After he was promoted to sergeant they were married Tony was based in Colchester for a while. Suzanne told Tony that she didn’t want children until she was thirty as she was just too young to be bringing up a family and it would mean that they couldn’t have fun and go out together.

Tony had to accept the fact that he wasn’t going to be a father even though deep down he wanted a family.

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