Ready For Anything

A Falklands war veteran who suffers horrific burn injuries learns to cope in the outside world when he is discharged from the 3rd para unit.


2. 2

Each soldier was given a good breakfast before boarding the landing craft.

Expectation was high after the Argentinean submarine Santa Fee was badly damaged by depth charges after it had surfaced at King Edwards Point. The threat of ships being torpedoed by the submarine was now eliminated, as the submarine was abandoned.

The troops landed at San Carlos where brigadier Julian Thompson organised the troops. Sergeant Tony Parker awaited his orders he was in the 3rd Para regiment and the men prided themselves on their fitness. They had done their training over the years. Every man was capable of carrying 120lbs of equipment and “Yomping” over 30 miles per day; in the roughest terrain imaginable. As it happened they met little resistance because the Argentineans were expecting an assault from Port Stanley.

The biting wind 120 knots was another factor the task force had to deal with. The 3rd Para were used to being dropped into a zone by parachute not travelling by landing craft. There was some confusion inside the crafts when the officers would just shout out!  The men stay put because they would only respond to and order to go! Eventually common sense prevailed and the men started moving onto the beachhead.


The Atlantic Conveyor had been badly damaged by the Argentinean air force that was using French built Exocet Missiles to bomb our ships. Many helicopters and vital equipment was lost. A deal was struck with France not to supply the Argentineans with more of these weapons. Israel sold weapons and tanks in secret from Peru whilst Nick van der Biji offered to send paratroops through Libya under General Gaddafi.

Intelligence information was coming via the Fauske in Norway which proved vital to our troops on the ground. The British now had a Submarine patrolling the waters around the Falklands. The Conqueror had sailed from France; meanwhile the task force was on route to South Georgia to recapture it. Operation Paraquet under the leadership of Major Guy Sheridan RM with 42 Commando SAS; until two helicopters crashed with the loss of twenty of his men and the mission was aborted.

After a bombardment from The Antrim and the Plymouth the Argentineans surrendered- South Georgia was now in the hands of the British Forces. The Union Jack flew along side the white flag of surrender.

News was relayed back to Downing Street where Margaret Thatcher told us all to rejoice. The next day the Ship the Belgrano was sunk just outside of the 200 mile exclusion zone because it posed as a threat to the operation over 322 men lost their lives mainly because of exposure and burns injuries; by the time they reached the hospital ship. This caused great condemnation in Argentina so they retaliated by sinking HMS Sheffield,, and the Invincible. Then on the 21st of May the HMS Ardent and HMS Antelope was sunk. On the 25th of May HMS Coventry and HMS Argonaut went down. The Argentinean air force with exocet missiles were wreaking havoc with our navy so a special task force was set up to deal with the aircraft.

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