Ready For Anything

A Falklands war veteran who suffers horrific burn injuries learns to cope in the outside world when he is discharged from the 3rd para unit.


17. 17

It’s time I lived by my motto isn’t it Miss Patterson.”

“Which is?

“Ready For Anything”

Again the crowd laughed as Tony Parker made his way to the back of the hall he looked at June who was more beautiful than he’d remembered. She was wearing a green shoulder less dress with a black waistband and black tights she also had a black hair band around her blonde curls. He reached out to her and she took his hand where he led her to the front of the stage.

“Ladies and gentlemen can I trouble you all for one moment.”

“I must introduce you to Miss June Patterson who looked after me whilst I was recovering from the horrific burns that I sustained in the Falklands War. She taught me to use my hands again and learned me how to walk but most of all she taught me that there is life after a traumatic experience.” I owe her so much you cannot begin to imagine.

“So if you don’t mind I will excuse myself and take this lady out for dinner tonight.

“Who said anything about dinner; I said one drink remember.






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