Ready For Anything

A Falklands war veteran who suffers horrific burn injuries learns to cope in the outside world when he is discharged from the 3rd para unit.


12. 12

“What do you propose to do now son? She plans to marry this man who she is seeing now.

“Well if she thinks that she can just live happily ever after with this guy in my house then she is mistaken. Do you mind if we call in to see my solicitor dad?

 “No go ahead.”

Tony drove to Mitchell Dodd’s in Whitley Bay to see Neil Armstrong his friend from school who was now a solicitor.

The receptionist told him to wait as he enquired to make an appointment.

Neil came out of his office then asked them straight in he told his receptionist that he was not to be disturbed for at least an hour. Tony embraced his friend.

“Here sit yourselves down.

Tony and his father sat in the two arm chairs in the office which was tastefully decorated; it had a bookcase that had been built to accommodate the large collection of law books and a leather topped desk.

Tony explained briefly about how he came about his injuries plus the fact that his wife had now divorced him.

Neil explained that he knew a good QC who would deal with the compensation for his injuries. He was writing things down as Tony was talking.

The other thing is my house Neil, where do I stand on that one as she has moved her lover in with her.

“By law she is entitled to half of the equity on the sale of the property but any compensation you receive or pension from the forces no.”

“I will take steps to ensure that she receives a letter as soon as possible to inform her that the house will be put up for sale and of her rights therein.”

“Thanks Neil.”

“So have you just got out of hospital today?

“Yes; it’s been a long process Neil given the extent of my injuries.

“Sorry mate but we are going to need photographs of your injuries so the courts can calculate the award they will give.

“But working on the premise of what you have told me Tony; I would assume they would have to pay you in the region of £750.000.”

You would also receive a weeks pay for every year you have been in the Para’s plus holiday entitlements.

“Your pension would be in the region of £1500 pounds per month.

So you will be worth close to a million pounds when this is all over.”

“I would rather still be in the forces Neil you know that.”

“You have got to move forward Tony; get on with your life; take a holiday enjoy yourself a bit then come back and decide what you are going to do.

“Tony stood up and thanked his friend again before heading towards the door.

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