James Potter and the Marauders BOOK 3

This is the third year of the Marauders in Hogwarts. (if this is the first story you read of me, I advice you 2 read the 2 previous stories.


18. Prank time

​Sirius' p.o.v.:

  I watched Amanda's Quidditch Practice and I could easily see how she passed the test. She's so good! But why didn't she never tell me she plays Quidditch? She must've played it before, no way this is her first time she's playing. James went to the Gryffindor Common Room after Finnegan lost from Amanda. After the training, Amanda showered and she sat next to me. I didn't feel like leaving; I like the Quidditch Field. "Are you okay?" asked Amanda; kissing my cheek. "Since when do you play Quidditch?" "I play it every summer with a couple of friends, just for fun. Never thought I'd be good enough to join the Team. I heard they were looking for a Seeker so I thought I'd take that chance." Amanda explained. "You know, you really are good." I said. "Yeah, right. You're supposed to say that." She said and kissed me playfully. "No, I mean it. I wouldn't say that if it wasn't true." "Would you say it if I'd be a bad player?" "No, but then I'd never say you're good either." Our hands intertwined. I could feel her waver from the cold so I wrapped my arms around her. "Maybe we should go inside?" I suggested. "Yeah, we should." I kissed her before we walked into the castle. James and Remus were playing Chess. Peter was sitting at the Slytherin table. "Check mate." Remus smirked at James. "Hello, lovebirds." Remus said to us. "Shut it." "I heard you joined Ravenclaw's Quidditch team? Congratulations." He congratulated Amanda. "Thanks, Remus." answered Amanda. We sat next to them at the table; Amanda sitting infront of me. People were looking at us and whispering. "Amanda won from Finnegan." "One Catch doesn't mean she's good." "She's just trying to impress Sirius." I noticed my friends were looking at me; worried. Although all I cared about was Amanda. "They shoudn't even be together." A Slytherin said. Now, I stood up. "Try to say that in my face! I don't care what any of you think, but if you've got something to say, say it in my face!" I walked away. My friends and Amanda were following me.    

Remus' p.o.v.:

  We followed Sirius into the Gryffindor's dormittory. Ofcourse, Amanda wasn't allowed here so she went to the Ravenclaw's common room. "Are you alright, mate?" asked Peter. Sirius then smashed his fist against the wall. "Guess not..." Then, James tried to calm him down. "As you said it yourself, what the hell does it matter what they think?" "I don't care what they're saying about me, but I do care what they're saying about Amanda. She does care what they're saying. If any of them says something that hurts her... I only saw that Slytherin's face. Oh, he'll regret it." Suddenly, Peeves floated through the walls. "Not now, Peeves." James said. "Why not? I just want to have a bit of fun. I saw Sirius made a scene and thought I'd cheer him up. Besides, Cooper is a funny one to mess with." "That Slytherin?" asked Sirius interested. "Ofcourse, and I thought you were clever. I think I might have some portable swamp left..." "I'm not sure if this is a good idea." I tried to convice them. "Ofcourse it is! I'm in." said Sirius. So, I grabbed the Map while Peeves was searching for his portable swamp. "I somenly swear that I am up to no good." I said and the Map appeared. "Cooper, where are you? ... Ah, Nicholas Cooper. Found him! He's still in the Great Hall. Watch it, Peeves is coming." "Mischief Managed." I quickly said and a few minutes later, Peeves was here. "Now, we still have to look for him. "He might still be in the Great Hall." I said; trying not sound suspicious. "Alright, then." We followed Peeves to the Great Hall. Sneaky, we surrounded Cooper. "What's going on?" Asked Cooper while everybody in the Great Hall was watching us. "I'm Sirius Black, Cooper. You don't mess with me. I hope you're smart enough not to laugh with me, Amanda, nor my friends again. " "Or what? " Cooper was so foolish to ask. "Now." Sirius ordered Peeves and he threw the portable swamp over Cooper. He ran away while the Great Hall was laughing at him. " Mister Black, mister Potter, mister Lupin and mister Pettigrew to my office, please." Suddenly, professor McGonagall stood next to us and sent us to her office. On our way, Peeves winked at us. What is he up to?


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