James Potter and the Marauders BOOK 3

This is the third year of the Marauders in Hogwarts. (if this is the first story you read of me, I advice you 2 read the 2 previous stories.


20. King of duel

​Remus' p.o.v.:

"Wormtail, here you go." Sirius said to Peter and gave him the Map. "Why?" Peter asked. "Because, you will be our back-up. If there are any teachers, or Lily, or Snevilly's friend coming to us, you warn us. Is that clear?" Sirius explained; Peter nodded. "Do you really have to do this?" "No, but we want to. You can join Peter if you want to." James suggested and I sighed. "Besides, what are you going to do?" "I'm not sure. I might duel with him." James said and I raised my eyebrow. Sirius almost choked on his pumpkin juice. "Really? You're just going to duel with him?" "Yeah, why not? I heard he practices alot lately. And there, his friends can't save him. That's against the rules; at least at Hogwarts." James said and he looked at us. "And what if he wins? Or worse, what if Lily is there?" I asked him but he just smiled. "Moony, why do you think Sirius and I don't duel anymore? We're too good, it gets boring. Besides, I don't think Lily would be angry for this. I'm not bullying Snevilly, I'm giving him a fair chance. Plus, professor Flittwick will be there too. So, she knows I wouldn't hurt him too much infront of a teacher." I looked at James surprised. "What?" He asked. "Wow, you really thought about this, didn't you?" "Yeah, ofcourse. Now I finally have a little chance with Lily, I don't completely want to screw this up." "Oh, you're so cute when you're in love." Sirius said and rubbed James hair. "Oi, I'm not cute, Padfoot!" "Yes, you are." smiled Sirius. "No, I'm not." They continued this for a while. "Wormtail, you can come too. They don't need a back-up for this." I said to Peter.

We walked to the Great Hall that was set differently for duelling. The House tables were placed so they formed several semi-long, small stages."Ah, mister Potter and mister Black! It's been a long time. I've missed your performance. I do hope I'll be seeing you more here." Professor Flittwick greeted us. "I'm afraid it's just this one time, professor." replied James. "Alright, who do you want to fight with?" I saw James and Sirius were looking for Severus, and found him in the back of the Great Hall. "Snev... I mean, Severus Snape." answered Sirius. "And who will be fighting?" "I will." said James. Professor Flittwick searched Severus. He looked really scared when he noticed James and Sirius. "Professor... I... I really don't think this is a good idea..." "And why not, Snape?" Replied James with alot of antipathy in his voice. James stepped towards Severus and whispered something in his hear. I could understand it because I was standing right next to them. "You know I could do much worse than this. I'm giving you a fair chance, actually. It's up to you, Snevilly. Or you fight with me now, or we'll bully you later. I prefer the first one actually. You see, I asked Lily on a date. So, what do you choose?" James whispered. Why would he tell Severus about his date with Lily? Severus sighed but nodded. "Bring it on." "The king of duel is back everyone! Mister Potter will fight mister Snape!" Annonced professor Flittwick. Severus and James jumped on the stage and everybody else surrounded the stage. James greeted Severus, without taking his eyes of off him. "Expelliarmus!" Yelled James; disarming Severus. "Avis!" Yelled James and birds were attacking Severus before he could take his wand again.Then, Severus was finally able to take his wand. "Deprimo!" Severus yelled and James was literally blown away by a powerful wind. He even fell off the stage, but was able to climb on it. "Incarcerous!" James yelled and Severus got tied up with a rope. "Relashio!" interrupted professor Flittwick. That spell was apparently to untie Severus. "Boys, let's take it easy from now on, okay?" warned professor Flittwick. "Sectumsempra!" Severus yelled. It was like James got attacked with a sword; that's how much he was bleeding. Professor Flittwick, Sirius, Peter and I ran to him. "I don't know what you did, mister Snape, but I'll talk to you later. 50 points will be taken from Slytherin. Mister Black, can you take mister Potter to the Hospital Wing?" said professor Flittwick.


Sirius' p.o.v.:

  I carried James all the way to the Hospital Wing. Ofcourse it'd be faster when I'd be a dog, but that risk was too big. James was still bleeding alot. Professor Flittwick couldn't stop him from bleeding; he didn't know that spell either. Luckily, James was still conscious. When we entered the Hospital Wing, madame Pomfrey saw immediately how much James was bleeding and took him from me. "It's better if you go, now." she said. "No, I'm staying here." I said; not moving. "Sirius..." Remus tried to change my mind, but I didn't let him continue. "No, Remus. He's my best friend and he's losing way too much blood than that's healthy for him. I'm staying here." Remus sighed. "Okay, but I think it's better if Peter and I go. I'll bring you something from the kitchen if it'd take too long." He said and I nodded. Remus and Peter then left. "What exactly happened?" Asked madame Pomfrey while she took off James' shirt so she could nurse him better. Yet, James wasn't able to say alot so I told her. "He was duelling with Severus Snape. Snape casted some kind of spell on him. I think it was ​Secsempa or something. I've never heard of that spell, nor did professor Flittwick." "And did you?" Madame Pomfrey asked James but he shook his head. After a while, madame Pomfrey was able to stop James from bleeding. "You've  lost alot of blood so you'll have to stay here the night." She said and James nodded. I took a piece of parchment from the table and a feather and ink. "What are you doing?" said James; it was more of a whisper. "Informing Remus and Peter. Remus will bring us some food." Going to have to stay here the night. Bring us some food, will ya? The Cloak is under James' pillow. I wrote down. "Avifors." I siad and pointed my wand at the piece of paper. It got the form of a bird and flew away.
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