James Potter and the Marauders BOOK 3

This is the third year of the Marauders in Hogwarts. (if this is the first story you read of me, I advice you 2 read the 2 previous stories.


25. Christmas morning

​Sirius' p.o.v.:

As usual, I stayed at James' house during the holiday. We didn't do anything special. Snowball fights, Quidditch,... And then, it was finally Christmas morning. James was still asleep, but I was too excited so I run downstairs. James' parents were already there. "Merry Christmas, mr and mrs Potter." "Merry Christmas, Sirius. Let me guess, James is still asleep?" "Not anymore..." A sleepy voice said. James rubbed his eyes. "Merry Christmas, James." "Merry Christmas." James mumbled; barely awake. We both opened our presents. We both got some Quidditch stuff and lots of candy. James and I thanked James' parents. A fiew of those presents were also from Remus and Peter ofcourse. But there was also a letter. Not from Remus, nor from Peter. I'd recognise that handwriting everywhere. It's from Amanda. I went upstairs again and read the letter in James' room.  

​Dear Sirius

 I don't really know how to tell you this...

I don't even know why... All I know is that this doesn't feel right.

Our relationship... It doesn't feel right.

That's why I think we should end it.  


I'm sorry...

Amanda   ​

A couple of tears fell down my cheek. Someone knocked on the door but I didn't say anything. James came in anyway. He was worried. "What's wrong, Padfoot?" James almost whispered. I just gave him that letter. Mostly because my voice wouldn't let me say anything. After he read the letter, James hugged me. "I'm sorry, brother." I heard footsteps on the stairs. Right, Remus and Peter were coming over today. They entered the room without knocking. "Ow, Are you alright, Padfoot?" I shook my head. Why do people ask that when you cry? Isn't it obvious then? "What's the matter?" This time, it was Peter who asked that. "Amanda wrote him a letter... Telling him to break up." Explained James; whispering. Remus and Peter joined the hug, not saying a word. "Girls are stupid..." I whispered; trying to smile. "Not all of them." answered James. "Shut up, Prongs." Remus and I said at the same time. We all burst out in laughter. I wiped out a few more tears before they could fall. "Don't be a baby, Padfoot. She's not worth it. C'mon, let's play some Quidditch. "You do realise it's snowing?" argued Remus. "You do realise that if I don't practice during the holiday, Hamblin will kill me? And Sirius as well?" "You do realise madame Pomfrey told you to rest?" James thought before he said something in return. "Is madame Pomfrey here?" "No..." sighed Remus. "Well then, what's the problem?" We changed our clothes, grabbed our brooms and went outside. It really was snowing alot, but I like that. We only played one game. Well, we didn't even finish it. It was too hard to see anything. Plus, none of us is a Seeker, which makes it dubble so hard to catch the Snitch in this weather. We took a shower and ate breakfast. What a Christmas morning. 


​Author's message:

A couple of days ago, I visited the Harry Potter exhibition in Brussels (Belgium)! It was really awesome. I got sorted (for real) in Gryffindor. And you probably all heard the script of the Cursed Child is out! :D

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