James Potter and the Marauders BOOK 3

This is the third year of the Marauders in Hogwarts. (if this is the first story you read of me, I advice you 2 read the 2 previous stories.


24. Apologise

Remus' p.o.v.:

Peter and I found a compartement for ourselves, Lily decided to join her friends. Two minutes before the train left, James and Sirius found us. I looked at them but didn't say anything. "What? It's okay if you ate one of my chocolate frogs, I won't be angry." joked James. I still didn't say anything. "Oh, c'mon Moony, what's wrong?" asked Sirius. "You have no idea how sad Lily is right now, James." I answered; I saw the look in her eyes. She stil hates it when they bully him. "No, Moony. ​You ​have no idea how angry I am, about the thing Snevilly did." "And after all those years you still don't get it." I replied; but I decided to leave it this way. I know I'll never be able to change James' mind about this. I left the compartement, but changed my mind and returned. "Apologise to Lily." I told James. "I didn't do anything." He said and I stared at him. "I swear, okay, Sirius used one spell on him. But I didn't do anything. Peeves did the rest of it. AND, it was his idea."  "Let me give you one advice, Prongs. Whenever your girlfriend is being angry with you, apologise." Now, it was James' turn to stare at me. "No offense, but what would you know about girls?" replied Sirius. "More than you think. To be honest, Arthur talks alot about his relationship. A bit too much, really." It was silence for a moment. "So... I just have to apologise?" James answered doubting. "You just have to apologise." I nodded; James sighed. Sirius layed his hand on James' shoulder. "Be brave, Prongs." He said serious, then he burst out in laughter. James slapped him in his face, not hard ofcourse. But they kept on slapping eachother like little girls. "James Potter! You've got a girlfriend to take care of." I said loud.

​James' p.o.v.:

  For once, I did what Remus told me to. I left the compartement and after a quarter, I found Lily's. I knocked on the door. Obviously she saw me already, but I thought it's better now to be polite. Lily looked at me but didn't move, so I opened the door. "No one told you you could come in, Potter." "No one knew I came here to apologise, Evans." I replied and looked down. Then, I looked into her beautiful eyes. "I'm sorry, Lily. I know I'm a fool." I whispered. "You're not a fool, Potter. You're an idiot. But at least you're my idiot." She walked towards me and kissed me. People behind me whistled. I guess they're my friends. But I don't care. Lily is mine.


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