James Potter and the Marauders BOOK 3

This is the third year of the Marauders in Hogwarts. (if this is the first story you read of me, I advice you 2 read the 2 previous stories.


14. A heavy night

Sirius' p.o.v.:

Outside, it was getting colder and there were lots of clouds in the sky. "I really hope it won't snow." Mumbled James; like he could read my mind. I'm gald everything's good between us again. On our way to the Common Room, we passed my brother Regulus. "Well well well, look who we've got here." I stood right infront of him; my friends behind me. "What do you want?" Regulus is not as bad to me as Bellatrix, but he isn't friendly to me either. "I thought you and that friend of yours were having a fight?" First Lily, now him... Looks like the entire school knows about it. "As you say it yourself, we were. "That's soon. What convinced you? His words? A potion perhaps?" Keep calm, Sirius. Keep calm. He's just trying to make you angry. "Our friendship." James replied. "Your friendship? Really? I thought you did some kind of potion in his Pumpkin Juice, but never mind. I probably saw it wrong." "Yes, you probably saw it wrong." James answered without blinking. Luckily, Regulus walked away; I sighed. "What the bloody hell was that all about?" asked Peter. "He likes to make me angry. Then I do or say stupid things. Apparently he doens't like it we're friends, James." "Well, too bad." James said smiling which made us all laugh. in the Common Room, I went to our Dormittory and looked on the Map. "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." I looked for Amanda and found her in the Library. Hamblin was also with her. It felt so weird; almost guilty. I know it's for the best, but still... "Mischief Managed." I whispered; pointing my wand at the Map. I layed down on my bed; staring at the ceiling. Merlin's beard, what have I done? I heard a knock on the door. "Come in." Remus entered. "Padfoot." "Mooney." "Are you alright?" "No." I said truthfully. "I'm such a bad person." I whispered. "No, Sirius. You're human. Ofcourse you make mistakes." "Have you ever made such a huge mistake that you had to wipe out the memory of someone you love?" I asked even though I already knew his answer. As I expected, Remus shook his head. Remus leaned against the wall and closed his eyes. He looked so tired. "Are you alright?" Remus shook his head again. "I... It's full moon tonight... I don't think I'll be watching the game tonight, Padfoot." He tried to smile; I laughed. "Don't worry, Wormtail will stay with you. Prongs and I will come after the Match." I said and he nodded. "It's going to be a heavy night."

James' p.o.v.:

"Everything alright?" I asked Remus and Sirius when they entered the Common Room. "Sort of." I raised my eyebrow. I knew Sirius wasn't being himself because of the whole thing with Amanda's memory. But what's wrong with Remus? "Full moon." Remus whispered. I nodded and looked outside. As I predicted earlier today; it's snowing. We went to the Great Hall to eat dinner. I was reading The Daily Prophet. "Anything interesting?" asked Remus. "A wizard called Janus Thickey faked his own death apparently." Amanda joined us; sitting next to Sirius. "I've read that. He left this note for his family." Amanda informed us. "Are they saying something about You-Know-Who?" "Nothing special, he's getting more followers but nothing to worry about." SInce about half a year - perhaps longer - there is this dark wizard. Everybody seems afraid of him. I looked at Sirius; he was kissing his girlfriend. Well, it looked more like he was eathing her, really. "Get a room..." I said. A note folded like a bird flew to Sirius and I. We have a game to win. It said. There was also a lion on it who caught the Snitch. "Looks like someone was bored." Said Sirius; referring to Hamblin who probably draw this. Sirius and I quickly ate our dinner and went to the Dressing Room. We had about an hour before the Match. Hamblin's speech took about half an hour qhich meant half an hour left to warm-up and get dressed.

Peter's p.o.v.:

I went with Remus to the Shrieking Shack. I still don't know how James thinks a rat is going to stop a werewolf. "Use your nails or your teeth or whatever. Just make sure Remus stays there till we arrive." That was his answere. "I'll try not to kill you." Remus said; smiling weakly. I'm afraid; ofcourse I am. Yet, that one phrase made me laugh. Yes, I'm not as brave as James or as Sirius. Let's face it, almost everyone is braver than I am. But here I am. Trying to stop my best friend who will transform into a werewolf. We didn't say much; Remus and I. He has too much pain already. Hours passed by and Remus was transfromed already when James and Sirius arrived. It's bloody cold here. Luckily I have my scarf, when I can transform into human again. Once James and Sirius transformed, it was easier for them to controle Remus than for me. Mooney bit Padfoot till he bled. Padfoot wasn't loosing too much blood but enough to transform him back into human. Prongs pushed Mooney and transformed into human as well. "Take Padfoot to madame Pomfrey. Tell her what happened. She knows about Remus." James said and transformed into a deer to stop Mooney from another attack. I transformed into humand and helped Sirius to the Hospital Wing. I told madame Pomfrey what happened and she nursed Sirius' arm. I fell asleep on the chair next to his bed.

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