One Month, One Week, Two Days.

True story but names are changed.


18. The Last Conversation

"Come over." -Kenny

"I can't. It's late and I have a friend over." -Amelia

"Pleaaaasseeee" -Kenny

"I would if I could!" -Amelia

"Fine" -Kenny

That was the last conversation I had with Kenny. That was in August of 2014. In September he started dating this girl who was friends with someone they had been hanging out with over the summer. I still really liked Kenny but as soon as he started dating that girl, I didn't try to text, snapchat, call or anything. I left him alone because I'm not the kind of person to try and get someone's attention like that. I hadn't talked to him at all but I was still best friends with Noah so I would talk to him about most of my problems and about me still liking Kenny. One night he was at Kenny's house and was texting me. We were talking about stuff and he jokingly said how I never stop talking about Kenny. Well he had gone outside and Kenny saw his phone which I believe he showed his girlfriend and her friend. At the same time, I got messages on facebook from both of them. They were both saying "So you like Kenny?" I didn't answer his girlfriend because she went to school with us and I didn't want to say anything that would set her off. I probably would've changed my decision now that I think about it but I did answer her friend. Her friend at first was really rude and said stuff like "Youre gonna know me when you like my little brother" She referred to all three of the boys as her "little brothers." The only thing I said to her was "I haven't tried to talk to Kenny or even get his attention. I haven't done anything wrong so I really dont know why you guys have to message me." She then ended up telling me that I would find someone for me and I said thanks but I didn't feel like having a heart to heart with her. Since then I haven't spoken to Kenny, his girlfriend or her friend. Now, Sarah and Noah have broken up and so have Cade and Sophie. Cade and Sophie talked up until like January of 2015. Now, I have a new boyfriend and so does Sophie. We were both so upset for so long but now were actually pretty happy. Our boyfriends can be kind of annoying but they're good to us. Thanks for listening to my story. What was your favorite part?

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