One Month, One Week, Two Days.

True story but names are changed.


3. Sports In The Driveway

"Last weekend was pretty fun!" - Sophie

"Yeah, besides the fact they tried to corner us." - Amelia

"Well yeah besides that part. Cade wants to hang out again this weekend though. Wanna come?" - Sophie

"Sure! Maybe this time they won't surround us." - Amelia

"Let's hope not, but Monica has to come with us because we're doing a project together and she's spending the night." - Sophie

"Alright, sounds like a plan!" - Amelia

That Friday, Monica's mom went to go drop us off at Cade's house, but she's pretty I don't know...protective I guess. That's probably the wrong word. Anyway she wanted to make sure there would be a parent at the house and since no one was at Cade's house, we all hung out at Kenny and Brody's which was right next door. The week before, I had pulled my hamstring while warming up for one of my soccer games and wasn't supposed to do much on it so I sat down in the grass most of the time. Brody was outside with us for a total of 10 minutes before he got bored and went inside. That's when Kenny, Cade, Monica, and Sophie decided to play basketball. Now, Monica and Sophie are both basketball players and are pretty good, but Kenny and Cade thought they could beat them. Monica and Kenny were going pretty hard at it against each other and everyone thought that they'd be dating sooner or later (Which didn't happen). They played for about an hour to an hour and a half and even though they still won't admit it, the girls won. They then decided to switch it up and play some soccer. I was really missing the sport and decided it wouldn't hurt to play. I went up against Kenny and although I couldn't do much, I scored some pretty nice "goals" with my left boot. After about an hour, Sophie's dad came to pick us up. We got back to Sophie's house and Cade was already texting her. He told her that I should start talking to Kenny. He texted Sophie the number and I started to text Kenny. That's when this whole shebang started.


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