One Month, One Week, Two Days.

True story but names are changed.


12. "Movie" Dates

The next four times we hung out, we watched movies. The first time it was just me, Sophie, Cade, and Kenny. Sophie and I had just gotten back from a basketball game, so we were both in sweatpants and sweatshirts. Kenny and Cade came over and we watched two movies. We watched one called Paul which is one of my favorite comedies but the others didn't think it was that funny. The other one we watched was Goon, which was a really good hockey movie. The second, third and fourth times were at Sophie's house. The second time we watched a scary movie, where Kenny and I spooned on one side of the couch (which I thought was weird at first but was actually pretty comfortable) and Cade and Sophie cuddled on the other side. I was holding Kenny's hand in a weird way but he was drawing little circles with his thumb on my palm and it was so relaxing. The third time we were all sitting up on the couch. My legs were over Kenny's and I ended up falling asleep. I had had a long day but I was still fully aware of my surroundings. I kept feeling him kiss my forehead and I wanted to smile every time. When they had to leave, he tried to move my legs so I could still sleep but I ended up waking up and going to hug him anyway. I gave him a kiss and then we went upstairs so we could go to bed. We were both so tired. The fourth time we hung out in Sophie's room. Kenny and I were on "my bed" which was just a futon that Sophie had in her room for her friends (mostly me) to sleep on. Cade and Sophie were on her bed. At one point, Cade looks over at Kenny and nods. Kenny nods back and laughs a little. When I turn to see what they're talking about, he just pushes me over and laughs. The I heard a loud smack. Cade had hit Sophie on the butt with a book. We were all laughing but it definitely sounded like it hurt. Sophie's sisters phone kept going off so I grabbed it. Kenny tried to grab it away from me jokingly. We were play fighting and so I threw the phone under Sophie's bed. He went to roll off so he could grab it but since he was behind me, he pulled me off with him. He hit the floor and I landed on him with my elbow hitting him in the face. We were both laughing but I felt really bad. They went home around 11 like they did every time we hung out.

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