One Month, One Week, Two Days.

True story but names are changed.


17. Leaving For Six Weeks

At the end of my freshman year, my mom, sisters, and I took a six week trip to Europe. The day before we left I got a text from Kenny asking when I would be leaving. I told him "tomorrow" but he never answered. The day I left I said goodbye to Sophie and Noah. They were my two best friends and I was really sad to be leaving for so long. When we left for Germany, I got snapchats and texts from everyone, including Kenny. We kept talking throughout my weeks in Europe. Around week three I lost in the middle of a clothing store. I was hugging my mom and crying my eyes out because I was so homesick. We got back to where we were staying and I laid in bed and posted on my story for someone to snapchat me. I got snapchats from Sophie, Noah, Monica and Kenny. Kenny told me that we would hang out when I got back so that really cheered me up. When I did get back home, I heard from him twice.

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