One Month, One Week, Two Days.

True story but names are changed.


11. Halloween

"My dad's bringing us now." -Kenny

"Okay, I'll let Soph know." -Amelia

"Alright, see you soon babe." -Kenny

"See you soon!" -Amelia

It was Halloween night and Sophie and I decided to wear matching costumes. We wore skinny jeans, fuzzy socks. long sleeve orange or black shirt, and a black shirt that said COSTUME on it in orange with the year 2013. Mine had a pumpkin on it and my name on the back. Sophie's had a ghost and her name on the back. We also had our hair in ponytails. It was awesome! We passed out candy until the boys got there and then we sat and watched movies. Monica had been over for a little bit and she was dressed as a referee. She left a little bit after the boys got there. Cade and Sophie sat on the couch with Noah. Kenny and I sat in our recliner/rocking chair because there wasn't really anywhere else to sit. Kenny wore a hat the entire time so I tried to take it off his head. It was funny until he accidently hit me in the face. I was laughing but he felt bad. We ended up watching something about a girl moving into a house and some evil thing living in her basement. After the movie was over the boys had to go home because it was a Thursday. We hugged them goodbye and they left.

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