One Month, One Week, Two Days.

True story but names are changed.


8. Garage Pong

"I'm so good at pong." -Kenny

"Oh yeah? I bet I could beat you." -Amelia

"Yeah right." -Kenny

"What? You don't think I can?" -Amelia

"Nah, I'll beat you." -Kenny

"Okay fine. If you think you can beat me, then play me." -Amelia

"Fine, let's do this." -Kenny

"Alright let's go." -Amelia

This is the first time the guys have been to my house. There wasn't much to do inside so we decided to hang out in the garage. We set up a pullout table and placed 10 cups on the sides farthest apart. We filled up each cup with about 3 inches of water. We started playing pong and Kenny was actually beating me by a couple cups. (We didn't drink the water like you would drink the beer in an actual game of pong. We wanted to have multiple games and didn't want to have to keep filling the cups.) Towards the end of the game, I had two cups left on my end, and Kenny had five. Since we weren't playing on teams, we got to throw both ping pong balls ourselves. Kenny missed the two cups both times so it was my turn. I got one ball into the farthest cup on the right and then the second ball landed in the same cup. That meant I got to go again. I threw the ball and got the middle cup. I threw the second ball and got it into the next cup over. Kenny got one ball in, but missed the second. It was now two to one. My first ball landed in the cup in the front. All I had to do was get a ball into the back cup, or into the same cup. The ball landed inside the first cup, spun around the edges, popped out and landed in the back cup. That was the best win I had ever had. It was so great to see his face when I won. He looked so confused and a little angry but that passed. My sisters started to run around the garage, and pop up in the windows. It wasn't scary but it was really annoying. The boys also accidently locked themselves on my porch. We ended up just chillen in the garage. Kenny and I were sitting on stools. I was leaning against Kenny and he kept kissing my cheek. After about a half hour the boys left. Kenny texted me afterwards and said "Damn, I should've kissed you." I had never kissed anyone before so I told him. He was really shocked but he told me he would kiss me sooner or later.

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