One Month, One Week, Two Days.

True story but names are changed.


6. Football Game

"We're on the opposing side." -Kenny

"Why?" -Amelia

"Because there's more room over here." -Kenny

"Oh okay, we'll be over in a second." -Amelia

This is now Friday night. Yesterday was the night I first held hands with Kenny. We're not dating but we're talking. The boys decided to sit on the other side because there was no one there and thought it would be funny to clap for our team when we did something good to see the look on the opposing teams faces. I sat next to Kenny and Sophie sat next to Cade. Noah sat behind Kenny and I. Cade and Sophie kissed about halfway through the game and she could not stop raving about it. It was just a peck but she was so excited. I on the other hand just sat really close to Kenny because it was freezing. One of my friends boyfriends came and grabbed Kenny and said he was his, so my cousin Monica grabbed me and said I was hers. It was pretty funny because Kenny kept trying to get away while I relaxed and kept warm through my cousins arms. At the end of the game we waited for Sophie's dad to come get us. A kid we go to school with whose name I shall not say, came up to Kenny and I and said "Really Kenny? She's a downgrade." Now I've known this kid my whole life, even dated him but I got pretty mad. Kenny just kind of laughed and shrugged it off but I wasn't so easy to take it as a joke. I eventually let it go and said bye to Kenny and the guys. We were going to see them again tomorrow.

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