One Month, One Week, Two Days.

True story but names are changed.


10. Football Game Number 2

"We're leaving her house now." -Amelia

"Ok, we'll meet you at the gate." -Kenny

"Okay, see you soon." -Amelia

After having a great day, this night I was at one of my friends houses helping her with her little sisters Halloween party. We had to help out her mom so we could get a ride to the "Battle of the Bridges" football game. We helped for a couple hours and then her dad brought us to the game. Kenny, Cade, and Sophie met us at the gate. I paid for my ticket and then walked towards Kenny. He grabbed my hand and we walked over to where everyone was standing. There wasn't any room on the bleachers which sucked. We stood there for a while and started throwing candy at each other. About half way through the game I was freezing. Kenny was holding me but I was shivering. Then he goes "here." He takes off his hockey jacket and gives it to me. He was only wearing a sweatshirt but he insisted on me wearing it. It was so sweet of him and I was really warm. He even started shivering after a while but refused to take it back. At the end of the game we walked to the gate and said bye. He started walking away but then I realized I still had his jacket. I yelled after him and he came running back. I gave him back his jacket and he just shrugged his shoulders and said "oh okay. I was just gonna get it from you later but whatever." He kissed me goodbye and then we waited for my friends mom to pick us up.  

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