One Month, One Week, Two Days.

True story but names are changed.


9. First Kisses

So, I'm not going to tell you about just my first kiss. I'm going to tell you about Sophie's too. I'll tell you about Sophie's first because hers happened first.

We were at the football game (Chp. 6) and Sophie sat next to Cade in the top corner of the bleachers. He kept looking at her and saying "I'm gonna kiss you." He would get really close to her face and then just chuckle and look away. She said he did that for about a half hour. The last time he said it she replies "Oh really?" and he says "Yeah" and just goes in. It was just a peck but when it was over they were both just looking at each other and giggling. Afterwards when Sophie's dad picked us up, she told me and I couldn't believe it. I was so shocked but so happy for her. She was raving for about 4 hours. It was so adorable.

Now my first kiss happened on a Friday which was the day after we played pong (Chp. 8). Sophie and I walked into school and turned right to go through the downstairs B wing. We then walked up the B wing stairs and took a right down the hallway that connected the second floor B and C wing. We walked to the closest end of the C wing and there waiting for us was Noah, Cade, Kenny and Monica. Noah and Monica had started talking so they were hugging and Sophie went to go hug Cade. I walked up to Kenny and said hi then gave him a hug. Before he let go, he looked at me and just kissed me right there. It was a small kiss but when it was over I just looked at him and went in for another hug. I thought it was funny because no one saw and when I told Sophie she got a little mad that she didn't see. It made my day.

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